5 simple things all companies can learn from Slush startups

This week Helsinki is the focal point for the global startup community. Slush, the leading Nordic startup event, brings more than 1700 startups and 15.000 attendees together in Helsinki.

The larger, more established companies have also seen the opportunity to engage and partner up with startups and learn from them. Our team at Vainu analyzed the digital marketing activities of the Slush startups and compared the findings with those of more established companies. As expected, startups have been more active in using modern digital tools in their sales and marketing processes.

We put together a list of five simple things that all companies could learn from startups.

1. Personalize your marketing by using online analytics & automation

A startup puts much more effort on content marketing than an average Finnish company. Startups personalize their content to target different groups, share their content automatically and utilize advanced online analytics more actively than older companies.

2. Focus on user experience on your website by making them responsive

Startups have a responsive website almost without exception whereas traditional companies still have a lot to do with making their webpage more mobile friendly.

3. Make it easy for your audience to engage with you

Startups participate in social media discussions or communicate on a website chat significantly more frequently than older companies.

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4. Enable online shopping and make your business independent of the location

Many startups aim for growing their potential market with the possibilities of e-commerce.

5. Use photos, videos and infographs in your communications

Almost all marketing trainings emphasize the importance of using pictures, videos and infographs in communications. Startups are clearly forerunners in using visual means in their marketing and product development.

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Mikko Honkanen

Mikko Honkanen is Vainu's CEO and Co-Founder with a strong background in SaaS industry and B2B sales.