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Buying Signals in Recruitment Businesses

The recruitment business is highly competitive. You probably have several companies competing over your potential customers regardless if you work with recruiting a larger spectrum of competences or if you’ve chosen to work more targeted, recruiting only for specific roles.

Challenge: find companies that are currently recruiting/in the process of recruiting.

Today: recruitment companies often scan job sites to find and contact companies that are recruting now. Many companies also buy lists of companies in certain industries and process them with sales calls and emails.

The effective way: there are many events that can give away a company that’s about to recruit several new employees. With the help of our web indexing technology, Vainu collects information about every company in our database from thousands of websites every day, helping you to find the right prospects for your business and the right time to contact them.

5 Buying signals that indicate a company needs to recruit

  1. New CEO or head or HR. A company that appoints a new CEO or head of HR often makes structural changes as a result. The recruitment business is all about timing. The job to manage a company’s recruitments often goes to the recruiting business that offers its service first once the need for some help has occurred.
  2. Investments. Companies taking in VC money or investments of any kind often have a high rate of growth, in order to keep growing they need more employees.
  3. Fast-growing companies. It should be a no brainer – a company that has had a steady economic growth and increased its number of employees over the last year(s) will probably continue to grow and recruit.
  4. Expansions. Companies entering a new market most likely need new employees to run the daily operation there. Finding the right people is always hard, it’s even harder to recruit on a market where you’re new. Your help will for sure come in handy.
  5. Recruiting. It’s time consuming, companies recruiting often discover this pretty quickly. In our software you can easily find companies that are recruiting now and offer them a helping hand. This is more time efficient than if you were to manually scan several different sites with job ads. If you’ve specialized in recruiting talents within a specific area of expertise you can search for companies within a certain industry that’s recruiting now.
Search for companies within a specific area and industry that recruit now


Stay on top of things

If you've specialized in recruiting for a specific industry or in a specific area, you can create target groups in Vainu with companies matching these specifications. You are also able to schedule reports that immediately let you know if an event that might open up a window of opportunity occurs for any of the companies in your target groups. With these insights you can work proactively and process these companies even before they are in a direct need of your service.

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