More Actionable Leads with Vainu’s Ability to Track Buying Signals

You no longer need a Magic 8-Ball in order to contact prospects at the right time. Vainu is about to launch a new feature that allows you to stay up to date with all important changes in your target companies. On February 13th, we're launching a limited beta version of Vainu's soon-to-be core feature. This update is the first sneak peek of Vainu's next major release-to-come on April 1st.

Previously with Vainu you've been able to filter through millions of companies in order to identify those with certain characteristics and receive notifications when actionable insights happen, these being for example recruitments, product launches, organizational changes, internationalizations and large won customers. Now you can receive notifications on any changes in company characteristics that are connected to an existing Vainu filter, which currently count in thousands. This means that you can now choose to get email, Slack or in-app notifications when a company for example:

  • Starts using a new web technology
  • Adds a new language version to their website
  • Starts using a new social media platform
  • Moves to a new office
  • Opens up a new webshop

Vainu’s latest update allows you to become even better at figuring out not only what companies to contact, but also when to contact them.

Improve the timing of your proactive sales efforts by systematically tracking companies’ lifecycle events

In a recent blog post we summed up what 5 commonly used website technologies give away about the companies that use them. This time we’re looking into what 5 specific changes reveal about a company.

5 Key Buying Signals and What They Mean to Your Sales Team

1. New business / business areas

For many B2B businesses, it’s important to arrive at the scene first. By offering a solution to your prospects new need/problem before your competitors puts you in a great position for closing a deal. For example, in Vainu you can get notified when a construction company opens up a new production facility. If you’re offering transportation solutions and quickly act on this information, you’ll probably have a happy customer to work with long term.

Prospecting Signal New Business

2. Organizational changes

Many organizational changes indicate a great window of opportunity for product and service vendors. A company going through a merger or acquisition might look for a new office space that suits the new organisation. A newly appointed CEO or Head of Finance will probably go over many of their company’s arrangements shortly after taking on the new position. This hire indicates a great time for a B2B sales professional who’s offering a new software solution or office supplies to reach out to the company’s purchasing department.

Prospecting Signal Organizational Changes

3. Companies that move

Location is first and last for many sales organizations, and most service companies prefer to work with companies located close to them. By knowing when a company moves or opens up an additional office, storage area or production facility in the area where you’re active, you can target them with a tailored offer adjusted for their current need. Let’s say you sell facility management services, all companies moving to a new office space are great leads for your sales team to act on.

Prospecting Signal Moving

4. Introducing an online shop

A large number of needs comes with opening a webshop. A company expanding its business to the web might need a larger storage room, transportation service, assistance with online content etc. A company that opens up a webshop is a valuable lead for realtors, transportation companies and creative agencies, just to mention a few.

Prospecting Signal New Webshop

5. New video enthusiasts

Video sharing platforms like Youtube or Vimeo offer a great way for companies to provide useful information about their products or to share a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes at the company. A company that actively promotes video usually is a content marketing front runner. Companies that just started using YouTube or Vimeo are great leads for all types of advertising agencies.

Prospecting Signal YouTube and Vimeo

Vainu has hundreds of filters which can be combined into endless reach alternatives. Do you wish to know more about how you and your sales team can benefit the most from our sales intelligence software and this latest update? Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation and become an expert finding and acting on the right buying signals for your organisation.

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