How to Create a Staffing Sales Workflow - Prospect Potential Customers

Staffing is not an easy business. In the U.S. alone, there are over 20,000 staffing and recruiting firms in competition for a limited pool of business opportunities. At the same time, sourcing the right candidates for these opportunities presents challenges of its own.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of sales tools for staffing, recruiting, and executive search companies to use in capitalizing on both internal and open data to increase their revenue growth.

At Vainu, we see three main workflows that help staffing sales professionals gain more business in the digital age:

  • As any good salesperson knows, one should never stop prospecting new potential customers.
  • As 80% of agencies expect to generate the majority of their revenue from existing clients, tracking buying signals within the accounts you already work with is important for you to reach your sales goals 2017.
  • Start with the candidate. Look for companies in need of skillsets you already have in your candidate pool.

Prospecting new customers is one of the hardest things to do in today’s marketplace. At Vainu, we feel it shouldn’t be that difficult. In this blog post, we’ll share our quick take on how agencies in the staffing and recruitment space can create a streamlined workflow for finding new customers.

We’ll soon follow up with blog posts explaining the other two key staffing workflows mentioned above.

Staffing Workflow: Finding New Customers

Identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Take a look at your existing customers to see what they have in common. Is it the industry, the region, or the size of their business? Or, are the similarities more subtle, such as social media activity or attitude towards technology. The better you connect the dots to understand who you should be going after, the more effective your sales and marketing efforts will be.

Find the right prospects

Once you know who to look for, it’s time to find them. Use a smart prospecting solution to filter through the masses to identify the specific organizations you should be going after.

As any good salesperson knows, one should never stop prospecting new potential customers.

Look for growth indicators and swings in hiring volume

There are many telltale signs indicating that a company is about to increase its headcount. In a previous blog post, we’ve listed 14 buying signals that staffing sales professionals should jump on to drive business most effectively. Companies to go after are those, for example, that have recently closed a successful round of funding, are about to relocate to a new area, have just won a large new deal, or are in the process of launching a new product, and will very likely need an extra pair of hands to manage the workload.

Create a portfolio with all companies matching your identified Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) within Vainu and customize alerts for these accounts based on buying signals. You’ll then get notified - in app, by email, or on Slack - if there are changes within any of these companies that may indicate a need for new hires.

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Contact potential customers with a tailored message at the right time

Guarantee the advantage you have as a first-mover, tracking buying signals in real-time using a smart inbound prospecting tool, by ensuring that you are responding quickly to buying signals indicating a window of opportunity within a target account.

According to research by Forrester, companies whose Sales teams connect with customers earlier than the competition can help create solutions for the buyer and therefore, achieve a win rate upwards of 74%.

Tips for your pitch: Even a mere mention of a company’s current events will make the prospect more inclined to trust you with your business, as they feel that you understand the current landscape and needs. This is valuable in B2B sales.

Analyze the results and tweak accordingly

As a result of your efforts, you’ll have concrete data with which to measure your success. Choose what key metrics are most beneficial to focus on and evaluate how you can improve each of them, tweaking your process along the way to improve overall sales.

Typically, the best results come from working to improve metrics across the board, rather than only focusing on one or two areas. For a more in-depth look into the numbers behind sales, check out our Sales Mathematics eBook.

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