Use CRM Data for Sales Prospecting Through Vainu’s Native Integration

Big data insights enable salespeople to bring their A-game to the sales cycle. The open web is not the only source to derive this kind of value, though. There’s a good chance your CRM holds equally important information about your potential customers, and it’s just waiting for you to tap into it. By combining open data insights with the insights already sitting in your CRM, you can change the way you find and cultivate sales leads and become a powerful, close-to-all-knowing, “sales wizard.”

Don’t waste time prospecting bad leads

We’ve all been there: You’ve just found what appears to be a great new prospect only to find out that the account is already owned by your colleague or recently closed. Without CRM data, you’ll waste valuable time sales prospecting companies that your CRM will later tell you lead to dead ends.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Software that allows companies to keep track of their potential and existing customers at whichever stage they assume in the sales cycle.

With Vainu's two-way integration with Pipedrive and Salesforce Sales Could it’s now easier than ever for you to use your valuable CRM data in sales prospecting. And the integration limits the risk of any duplicate prospects within large B2B sales teams.

With Vainu's CRM integration you can focus your sales prospecting efforts on the accounts that:

  1. aren't on your CRM,
  2. aren't owned by someone in your organization,
  3. haven't been contacted in recent months, or
  4. have a certain amount of closed, open or won deals

This way you’ll quickly get to the most relevant prospects. And all of these example searches can be done vice versa as well.

prospect with insights from your own CRM data

Do not let any quality lead slip through the cracks

Do you get a stomach ache thinking about missed sales opportunities from old leads hiding in your CRM for months?

Vainu’s new CRM integrations allows you to filter companies already in your CRM with specific characteristics that haven’t been contacted within the last month. Never miss a great sales lead again.

CRM with up to date data serves you better

Did you know that approximately 30% of your data becomes stale each year? By integrating Vainu with your systems through either our native integration or through Zapier, you can rest assured the company data in your CRM and marketing automation systems are up-to-date.

When prospecting, using data from both your CRM and open web in complementary ways will enable you to tailor your pitch when reaching out to new customers.

When prospecting, using data from both your CRM and open web in complementary ways will give you more reliable and relevant information about your prospects and enable you to better tailor your pitch when reaching out to new potential customers.

You can adjust selling points based on previous interactions with said company, either by you or a colleague who has reached out in the past. It also minimizes the risk of making those embarrassing phone calls to prospects who had just been contacted by another one of your colleagues the day before.

Vainu's CRM integrations are available with numerous CRMs as well as with marketing automation softwares and we're constantly innovating and will be integrating with more CRMs in the near future.

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