Video: how open data helps event companies improve sales

When is the right time to celebrate? This is a questions that companies within the event industry always try to find the answer to. Open data can help them get the answer and find new customers.

Up until recently, sales and marketing departments pretty much only had access to individual’s behavioral data. Behavioral data is data telling a company how one person has responded to its ads and emails or data that lets the company know how someone has navigated through its site.

Today open data provides companies with insights about other companies. With additional data points focusing on accounts rather than individuals organizations working with sales get more reliable information about a company’s likelihood to buy.

In Vainu you can, thanks to open data, search for companies that has recently gone through a specific change. This is extra helpful for companies within the event indsutry as they can find potential customers through searching for key happenings. It saves them a lot of time compared to if they were to look up company by company online and hope that some of them were going through a change that gave them a reason to get in touch.

Kristine tells you more about event companies use of data:

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