How Does It Feel to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time?

Ever visit your friend who happened to have leftovers from his lunch pizza? Ever spotted some cash on the street? Or how about visit your local supermarket and found yourself being rewarded for being the millionth customer? Yes? Lucky you! Would you quit your day job and sit around to wait for these lucky events to happen?

Probably not. But some salespeople do.

We at Vainu love to minimize luck and maximize predictability.

We at Vainu are hopeless sceptics. Because of this, when doing sales we love to minimize luck and maximize the predictability. We’ve figured out that the easiest way to increase the predictability in our sales efforts is to know the potential customers as thoroughly as possible. What are they made of, and what’s going on in their business? Why should they buy from us?

That’s exactly why we made a significant upgrade to how we recognize the best sales opportunities. Oh, and it’s not only for us – it’s available for all Vainu users. And it’s now live.


When your service offering is to optimize web traffic, wouldn't you want to hear whenever a company implements a webshop? When selling kitchen equipment, wouldn't you want to know every time a new restaurant is established? If you were a sales consultant, wouldn't it be interesting if a new company mentions “sales director” on their homepage? If you help growth companies to find talent, wouldn't you react when a young company reports high growth figures? It’s possible.


Instead of getting notifications only of relevant signals from news and press releases, Vainu users are notified every time a new company matches a criteria of their interest. You can focus on finding the reasons to buy and let Vainu find you your prospects. From our own experience: the clearer the reason, the more predictable the revenue. And yes, it’s a a pretty damn awesome feeling when you realize your offering is actually filling a need – right there, right then.

Want to know how it works in practice? Request a demo of our tool below!

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Antti Lehtimäki

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