How to give an effective sales pitch

A great pitch is short, efficient and clear. Let the person you’re talking to know what problem you can help him or her solve. Don’t be too technical and try to go for the meeting as soon as possible.

If you’ve done your prospecting right and customized your sales script, the person you’re pitching to will get a clear value of the product or service you’re trying to sell. You’re sure you're offering your prospect something, to them, extremely valuable. Now what you have to do is to explain why in preferably 30 seconds or less.

A great pitch is short, efficient and clear.

The likelihood that you’ll close the deal straight out of your pitch call isn’t very big if you’re selling a complex B2B solution. When the follow up questions start – it's time to go for the meeting. During that quality time between you and your prospect you can have a more detailed dialogue about your product.

Here are Emil's 3 best tips on how to give a successful pitch:

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