Maximize Every Step of The Sales Process With Insights From Open Data

The Internet has shifted the balance of power in sales. Traditionally, salespeople used to be the ones with access to most information — nowadays, well-read customers are more selective and critical when accepting a meeting with a sales rep.

Today, smart technology offers many ways for sales professionals to take back the power of the sales process. Account insights from open data on your prospects and customers help you improve your proactive sales efforts and tailor the marketing messages you send out. With modern technology, such as an account insights platform, you can improve your efforts in every step of the sales cycle.

Today, smart technology offers many ways for sales professionals to take back the power of the sales process.

The right prospects for your business to focus on

As a salesperson, your most precious asset is your time. It’s far better to spend it on a handful of quality prospects than spreading yourself thin across dozens of leads. Look at your happiest customers, find their common characteristics and define your ideal customer profile. Use a dynamic company database to also find the hidden characteristics, such as web technologies and activity levels on social media. Use the same tool to filter companies that match your buyer persona. If you were to manually look up every single customer, you would be looking at a very time-consuming task.

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Reach out at the right time

You’ve identified a list of companies that you’re sure would gain plenty of value from the solution you offer. Now, use information from an account insights platform and get actionable leads that tells you when to reach out to these prospects.

Deliver a tailored pitch and a clear value proposition

Before contacting a prospect, do your homework. Manually looking up a company is time-consuming and difficult, as the information about the company often Is spread across the Internet. Modern web indexing technologies gather myriads of data from millions of sources every day. In Vainu, for example, smart machine learning reads this information and ties it to the right entity in our database of +108 million companies. With great information about a company’s status and characteristics, you can tailor your sales pitch as well as your marketing messages better.

Some changes in a company can jeopardize your collaboration with them, others might mean a great chance for you to up- or cross sell.

Stay up to date with what’s going on with your existing customers

Some changes with your clients may jeopardize your collaboration, while others may be great opportunities for additional business. With insights from open data, a sales leads platform will notify you about important changes at your existing customers. Take better care of your customers.

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