Vainu paves the way for major announcements by updating the UI

Today we updated Vainu's user interface to a more elegant, productive and scalable form. We are getting ready for major announcements soon. On 5th of November Vainu will show you a peek of the future. So stay tuned.

When you log into Vainu today you will be able to:

  • See redesigned company cards with more information in the newly added left and right sidebars
  • See that the top navigation is gone, instead you can create new target groups in every view
  • sort companies by table in a list of recent leads
  • do company filtering in Vainu Analyzer


"These changes are paving the way to the future while yielding more productive, esthetically pleasing and scalable experience." Tuomas Rasila, CTO and Co-Founder Vainu.

Save the date: 5th of November. That’s when the magic happens. We will keep you posted.These are some of the people behind Vainu's UI changes.

These are some of the people behind Vainu's UI changes.

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Erika Granath

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