Finally - the Vainu App for iOS is live!

Yes, finally! The Vainu App for iOS is now live. We have been waiting eagerly to release the app to all Vainu users and hope that our users have been waiting as eagerly to be able to swipe through the best prospects at all times.

Vainu’s goal is always to make the sales work for our users as smooth and effective as possible:

“One of the key ideas when we founded Vainu was to provide sales people a simple way to instantly know what’s going on with their key prospects and customers - Vainu mobile app is another important step towards that goal,” says Mikko Honkanen, CEO and Co-Founder, Vainu.

The Vainu app is for sales people what Tinder is for single people, a service that increasingly better your chances of finding the match you’re dreaming of. Vainu is as easy to navigate, but off course with Vainu the match is instead a potential customer.

With the Vainu App you can not only find new leads while on the bus, you can also easily share them with your sales team by sharing them through other channels of your choice, such as Slack.

As the app can be integrated with your calendar you can make sure to receive executive company profile summaries right before your meeting starts or straight after you arrive to the office in the mornings. the choice is yours.

“Most sales professionals scroll through their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds in hope of finding some important pieces of information about their prospects and customers. Vainu App is designed for that specific task. In the blink of an eye it brings you the latest need-to-knows about your key accounts, prospects and business partners,” says Mikko Honkanen.

With the Vainu App you will never miss a lead again!

A Vainu license is required to use Vainu for iOS.

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Erika Granath

Vainu's Content Marketing Manager. Grew up next to Sweden's largest cookie factory. Love cookies (of course), ping pong tournaments and word jokes.