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Say Hello to our new Brand

Today we're launching a rebranding of our logo, our visuals, our messaging, our mission and values, and how we operate as a team. A full update to our identity, from top to bottom.

This post is here to explain why.

We loved our old Vainu dog nose, and know many felt the same. We also didn't feel we were doing things wrong and know that many look up to us for advice on doing a better job at sales. Yet we felt the need to change.

Not just for the sake of change, mind you. While change is a good thing, something to be embraced, etc., that's not a good enough reason to go through something this extensive. A good reason to rebrand is that the existing one isn't doing the job you wanted it to, and that's how we felt about ours.

Back in 2014, our original logo was purchased off a crowdsourcing platform called DesignCrowd. We liked the idea of a dog sniffing out sales leads (after all, our name is Vainu, a Finnish word for the scent picked up by an animal), found a logo submission that was clean and simple, and rolled with it.


Everything else was pretty much put together ad hoc after that: color schemes and supporting visuals for our first website layout, stock photos for our first slide decks, different messages to cater to the situations at hand. The end result has been just as fragmented or ad hoc as our strategy: we've looked and felt different and sounded different in any situation.

So now, with over 2,000 customers and 180 staff, we felt it was time to simplify and unify around one common message to best have an impact.

Real-time B2B sales is here.

As we've grown since our early days, so has the world around us. There's more data collected online and made available than ever before.

In some industries, data is already being successfully used to create a personalized or even automated buying experience: consumers see targeted, relevant ads, and stock trades are done without human interaction.

And yet, in other ways, sales organizations are no better than in 2014. In B2B, cold calling lists and email spam are still seen as viable marketing tactics. While buyers are looking for a real conversation, one where they're engaged and understood, salespeople are looking at activity targets and sales quota, merely treating buyers as numbers.

At Vainu, we believe there's a right way of doing B2B sales—a way that is personalized, a way that uses data, a way that focuses on the buyer. And we've made it our mission to make salespeople better at their jobs, by bringing real-time company data to every customer interaction. We call this real-time sales.

And so we've rebranded around these messages. Visually, we aim to simplify things and highlight what's meaningful in the real world around us—using real images, black, white, and yellow color schemes, and a Vainu logo based in finding meaning from data.



We won't bore you with the design-thinking behind every shape and color, but do expect to see the changes implemented across all our channels in the coming weeks.

It's still the same Vainu. We still offer company data, through our software and directly into the systems you use. But hopefully, we'll be more consistent, more recognizable, and more impactful for our audience moving forward.

TL;DR: We've fully rebranded. We hope you like it.

-The Team at Vainu

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Mikko Luhtava

Mikko is Head of Communications at Vainu, interested in brand communication, football and New England Patriots.