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How To Use Actionable Insights To Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Buyers are getting smarter. In this modern day and age, with the enormous amount of data readily at their disposal, they’re making smart decisions based on the information.

Salespeople need to raise their bar as well. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. To cut through the noise, you need to deliver not only a tailored pitch to every prospect, but also do this at exactly the right time.

In this blog post, we go through how you can use actionable insights from open data to plan a pitch that makes your prospects nod in agreement instead of nodding off.

How to Use Actionable Insights in Your Pitch

Understand every prospect

A generic pitch with little to no relevance for your contact person is very unlikely to lead to ink on a paper (or the digital equivalent). Adapt your narrative to what they need, and position your offering in the context of how it can solve their specific problems.

Thanks to open data, it’s now easier and quicker than ever to find information both about a company’s basic characteristics, such as company size, location and industry, and more hidden traits, such as the web technologies they use and their level of activity on social media.

Vainu’s advanced web indexing technology extracts data from millions of sources every day. This data eventually populates the right fields of our database’s +108 million companies with the help of named-entity recognition. Thanks to this, you’ll always find up to date company information on every company card in our software:


Find and understand companies’ buying signals

Many changes in a company open up a window of opportunity for you as a sales person. For example, if you’re offering recruitment services, signals such as a new office launch can indicate an increase in the company’s hiring volume. Create a detailed Ideal Customer Profile where you include important buying signals that signify a high-quality lead for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting

In Vainu, you can find buying signals such as a company hiring, opening up a new office, launching a new product or service or making changes in the executive board. Knowledge about these types of events doesn’t only help you increase conversions through improved timing, but also help you build trust with your prospect. By knowing what headache your potential customers have right now, you can highlight the winnings in your offer that is most relevant for every specific account.

Instead of manually scanning news sites and company websites for information about important buying signals, use a smart aggregator like Vainu to automate the grunt work. You can set up customized alerts in Vainu to get instant updates when a company matching a set of criteria sends out a certain buying signal.


Follow tendencies in your prospects’ industry

According to a study by Qvidian, salespeople often lose deals because they haven’t customized their content to their buyer’s needs.

By using a dynamic company database like Vainu that collects myriads of data and information on millions of companies every day, you can find out tendencies in specific industries.

With our analyzer feature, you can see trends in a specific industry’s social media use, hiring velocity and or adoption of digital tools, to name a few examples.

By understanding what your prospect is up against, you’ll understand what’s important for your potential buyer for reaching their internal goals. Use this knowledge to create a pitch where your value proposition is clear.


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