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Connector Update: Independent data mapping for data updates and exports

The processes required to keep CRM records up to date and reliable are often laborious. For many sales and sales operations teams, these processes cause frustration and it's understandable why. In this day and age, not a single sales team should have a hard time updating CRM records. Luckily, with the help of Vainu’s connectors, sales teams and CRMs may finally get along! Our recent update gives sales teams of all sizes and types control over the level of automation and methods regarding their CRM data updates.

Five major improvements in the Mass Export

With Mass Export, you can send company lists to your CRM, assign these companies to your colleagues, segment them, and give context on why this company, in particular, would be worth contacting by using descriptive tags. Sending your company lists to the CRM is now highly customizable to suit more diverse needs. Five updates critically improve both the usability and speed of Mass Export. Who doesn't love efficiency! Let's check out the updates, shall we?

Connector Update: New data formatting options available in data mapping

Vainu's connectors make updating and enriching your CRM records with real-time company data an easy process. An essential part of the integration process is data mapping. In this step, the desired data is chosen in Vainu and mapped to the appropriate data fields in your CRM. To offer more flexibility in the data mapping process, we've updated our connectors with new data formatting options. Let's see what this means in practice.👇

Mass Export: A single click to fuel your CRM with best-fit accounts

We at Vainu believe that real-time company data should be as easy as possible to consume. With Mass Export, you can fuel your CRM with best-fit target accounts with one click of a button, assign new prospects to your team members, and give context on why the prospect is worthy of reaching out. Mass Export brings ease to your B2B segmentation and executing your targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Continue reading to learn how!

Improved company matching for better control over your CRM data updates

With the company matching functionality, you can match the companies from your CRM to Vainu with ease. Company matching allows you to update the incorrect or outdated data in your CRM with real-time company data, and enrich your CRM records with additional data points. In short, company matching is at the core of a data enrichment process.

We've updated the company data matching workflow to allow you to get better control over your company's CRM data updates. Let's dig in.👇

Vainu for webCRM integration

It is the start of a new year and Vainu has been busy developing an exciting assortment of new features and integrations to help you make more informed sales and marketing decisions. There are a lot of updates that will be released over the course of 2021 and, today, we are happy to share with you one of our new integrations - Vainu for webCRM! To put it briefly, this integration will give the user access to a range of Vainu’s features directly in webCRM.

But, enough preamble, let us get into the meat of the matter!

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