Public Data Helps You Target the Right Companies at the Right Time

Global Internet traffic will surpass one zettabyte in 2016. All data available today means huge potential for B2B organizations to work more effectively with both inbound and outbound as company data can be used to target the right companies at the right time.

By looking at many different data-points for your existing customers you can make thought-through ICPs, Ideal Customer Profiles. With better defined ICPs as a starting point your sales and marketing department can make smarter priorities when creating shortlists of companies to focus on.

Here are some examples of data-points accessible with modern account identification tools, such as Vainu:
  • Technologies – what marketing automation, eCommerce and CMS platforms etc. a company is using.
    Example: You have a company that builds customized websites in WordPress. With the use of data, you can easily find the companies that are using an outdated version of this CMS to offer them your help.
  • Social media data – how companies are using social media, how often they publish posts and what platforms they are on.
    Example: You work for a digital agency. Data helps you quickly find all companies within a specific segment that are not very active on social media; Doing this manually would be very time consuming. You can now offer these companies your services as you know they are in great need of them.
  • Diction – track keywords, themes and topics used on companies’ websites.
    Example: You’re a consulting company targeting eCommerce companies. They can sometimes be difficult to find because the industry code they use might differ depending on what they are selling. By searching for all companies that have the words “shopping bag” together at their website you can make a more effective search when you’re looking for companies to contact.
  • Identity – which companies are well-digitalized and which aren’t? Which companies have popular websites and which don’t?
    Example: You’re selling an advanced chat tool that can be integrated with sites build on several of the largest and most popular CMS platforms. By searching for highly digitalized companies with popular websites that haven’t yet included any type of chat service on their website you will get a list of great leads to focus your sales and marketing efforts on.
  • Buying signals – changes within a company. Find out what company has taken in investments, been through a merger or acquisition, or appointed a new CEO.
    Example: You’re a translation agency, which means the information that a company expands to a new country opens up a great window of opportunity for you to sell your services. Buying signals help your sales team – no matter what you are selling – to contact your prospects with better timing.

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