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Staffing Sales Workflow: Monitor Buying Signals within Your Customers

Here is our quick take on how to streamline the process of winning more business as a sales professional in staffing: by uncovering sales opportunities within your existing customer base.

In a recent blog post, we described how staffing sales professionals can set up a successful workflow for prospecting new customers. However, only an approximated 10% of staffing and recruitment agencies expect revenue growth to come mostly from new accounts, while another 80% of firms rely most heavily on existing clients for revenue growth - this according to Bullhorn’s 2017 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report.

Leverage Existing Customers

The idea is very simple; you want to stay on top of all new projects and initiatives your customers are launching, as these events could lead to greater business opportunities with your existing accounts.

80% of staffing and recruitment agencies expect to generate the majority of their revenue through existing clients.

Upload your existing cutomers to an inbound lead generating platform

Upload your existing customers into a smart inbound lead generating platform like Vainu. With our platform, all recruitment professionals can easily upload their existing customer and prospect lists from their ATS/CRM into one of their Vainu portfolios.

Set up alerts based on buying signals

Set up customized notifications for your portfolio(s) containing your existing accounts. Vainu users get notified when companies post new job openings on the company career page or on online job boards. Users are also alerted of changes that occur that may indicate a need for new hires. Growth signals such as these may be, for example, announcements of new offices, expansions of business, successful funding rounds, or contracts won, as many of these buying signals forecast an uptick in hiring.

Vainu users are notified when companies post new job openings on their websites or job boards across the web, or if there are changes that may indicate a need for new hires.

Manually searching the web for events such as these would be a very time-consuming task. Automating this “grunt work” not only saves you an exponential amount of time, but also gives you and your firm the first-mover advantage through updates and alerts in real-time. This proactive customer care approach lowers your risk of losing any current accounts to a competitor and in addition, helps you gain the most value from your portfolio of existing accounts.

The buying signals you look for within your existing customer base, as they tend to bring about opportunities to upsell, are for the most part the same buying signals you should be looking for as you prospect new potential customer profiles. In a previous blog post, we listed 14 buying signals that staffing companies should jump on now.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting

Reach out to companies based on buying signals

The Staffing and Recruiting industry is highly time-sensitive. Lead generation is useless if your agency doesn’t do anything with those leads. For staffing firms, the challenge lies in creating a systematic sales process in which salespeople act quickly on key buying signals. The process should be as simple as possible; receive the lead, reach out within 24 hours - this is a process that the whole Sales team should commit to and perform on a daily basis.

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