How technology helps salespeople answer the WHEN, HOW and WHAT

Yes, there are cases in which the stars align and decisions are made quickly that result in closed deals. Cases where it turns out you’ve reached out with impeccable timing and where decision makers nod enthusiastically at everything you say and cheerfully ask if you have the ability to read their minds or — more specifically — their dreams.

The scenario above is more of an extreme example than a rule. In reality, it’s common that your timeline doesn’t match up with the timeline of your prospect. And doesn’t it sometimes feel like you speak a different language than your contact person? Historically, the best salespeople have always been the ones with strong social antennae.

When Vainu’s Co-Founder Mikko Honkanen recently predicted the B2B sales trends he thinks will take up the most space in the spotlight in 2018, he mentioned context-based intelligence as one of them. The technologies falling into this category, aptly named sales intelligence tools, give salespeople a sixth sense that helps them answer WHEN, HOW and WHAT more easily than before.

We at Vainu are hopeless sceptics. Because of this, when doing sales we love to minimize luck and maximize the predictability.

Want to learn how to capitalize on these technologies that help you land at the right place at the right time right now? If you’re like us and can’t wait until next year, we’ve listed practical tips that help you get a head start.

How to answer the WHEN, HOW and WHAT in sales


Guess when we at Vainu started to look for a recruitment company that can help us double our headcount next year? Soon after we hired our head of HR. No matter of what you sell, there is one or many buying signals that help you find out when a company is most likely to appreciate a sales call from you.

But the WHEN is about more than just finding the right time to initiate a first contact with a prospect. Every touchpoint during your sales process can happen with better or worse timing — make sure yours is the former.

Every touchpoint during your sales process can happen with better or worse timing — make sure yours is the former.

Companies like Leadfeeder and Whoisvisiting can help you find out when someone from one of your short-listed companies visits your website. GetAccept and DocuSign are two of many tools that let you know when your prospect opens the offer you’ve sent them. Marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Oracle Eloqua provide sales and marketing teams with insights about if and when your contact person interacted with what content on your site.

All the above-mentioned insights help you reach out a helping hand to guide your prospect forward on the buying journey right when he or she needs, and appreciates, that little extra push the most.

Make more sales; Find the answer to WHEN, HOW and WHAT with the help of smart technology.


Sales engagement technologies have recently started to gain momentum, especially in countries with high volume markets like the US or UK. However, in most markets they seem to be heavily under-utilized.

As the name suggests, the main purpose of a sales engagement platform is to help the sales department engage in communication with customers. Most of the platforms concentrate on intensifying calls and emails to potential customers. Tools like Outreach, Ringdna, SalesLoft and Talkdesk all integrate into the more popular CRM solutions and offer extensive analytics for the sales manager to help keep track of their sales teams’ actions.


Vainu has over a hundred different filters; our tool can be used in a number of different ways for a wide range of organizations. For our salespeople to know what part of the tool they should highlight during a demo with a potential customer, they need to understand WHAT the company needs. Vainu and other dynamic company databases can help with that.

Showing that you understand your prospects business and its pain-points is valuable for building trust.

Using web-indexing technology, Vainu collects open and public data from millions of sources every day and turns this haywire data into easy-to-understand information tied to one of the over 70 million companies we have in our global database. With more information about both a company’s basic and not-so-obvious characteristics — everything from insights about funding to hiring to the types of marketing automation they use — you can better understand their needs and carry out smarter conversations with your prospects based on actual needs and interests.


We at Vainu are hopeless sceptics. Because of this, when doing sales we love to minimize luck and maximize the predictability. If you want to know more about how Vainu can help you do this, go ahead and book a 30 minute free online demo here.

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