Account Insights

Account-insights refers to company-specific valuable and actionaly information that businesses can use.

Use Account Insights from Company Websites to Find the Right Prospects

Companies’ websites are pure treasure chests for salespeople; there are more jewels to collect than just the account insights from website technologies, technographics.

The keywords used on a company’s website will tell you a lot about both the organization, its daily business and its needs and help you get more pointed in your approach.

How To Use Account Insights To Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Buyers are getting smarter. In this modern day and age, with the enormous amount of data readily at their disposal, they’re making smart decisions based on the information.

How to Qualify Prospects by Using Account Insights?

Sales teams that struggle to meet their goals may not be short on prospects – more likely, they're short on actionable insights about these prospects and the businesses they work for. In other words, they don't know their customers and they don't know when they are ready to buy.

What Web Technology - Such as Hubspot - Says About a Company Identity

It’s safe to say that just about any company, whether an industry giant or a smaller agency, is  benefiting from some kind of web technology. Whether it’s to micromanage their marketing or to keep track of their customers, technology in B2B these days cannot be escaped.

How well do we really know our customers?

As you know, we at Vainu have developed a lead generation software that allows companies not only to find new customers but also to make comprehensive analysis of their existing ones. You'd probably assume that since we are the best experts of our own sales intelligence solution, we would know every single customer of ours in and out.>

But do we?

Video: How Customer Success Benefits from Using Data

To maintain your customers and keep them happy you have to understand them. With data you can keep up to date with what’s going on with your customers and react fast if something changes in their organization.

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