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B2B sales is quickly transforming thanks to the growing amount of information sales people have. Here are our tips to stay ahead of the game!

Myth busters: Debunking 7 B2B Sales Myths

The Internet — it is the Wild Wild West of information. As anyone who has spent time on the Internet knowns, there are statements delivered as facts that circle the World Wide Web all the time that contain no real facts behind them. People get suckered into believing these statements all the time. We’re all guilty of it.

Over the past year, my colleagues and I have noticed a number of myths present in B2B sales and marketing discussions. Some of them are spread across LinkedIn, others on blog posts. Here are some common B2B sales myths that many people believe in. These are myths that have been pushed by experts in the field and I’d like to analyze them more closely.

9 Types of Sales Automation Your Sales Team Should Be Using

Are you one of those sales reps that spend only one-third of your day actually selling? Does the rest of your day go to administrative tasks that could have easily been automated? Or are you managing a team with sales reps that spend hours and hours logging deal-related activity in the CRM system and searching for decks hiding somewhere in an unnamed folder on their computer? Then this article is for you.

Top 10 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in the U.S.

A new data set reveals the top tech job functions American companies and recruiters are seeking this summer.

The Sales Metrics and KPIs that Matter the Most

With modern technology, the question is not what you can measure, but what you benefit from measuring. Following the right metrics will help you as a sales executive evaluate the performance of your team and steer them in the right future direction. Measuring the wrong or additional metrics will simply take precious time away from the things that matter.

10 Fundamental Tips to Master Social Selling

You've heard the term social selling by now, but are you entirely sure what it means? This sales technique is the art of leveraging your social networks to find the right prospects, building trusted relationships, generating inbound leads and ultimately, reaching your sales quota.

The Numbers that Prove Quality Eats Quantity for Breakfast in Modern Sales

For a long time, we’ve been told that sales is a numbers game. Lately, many people have started to question this belief by arguing that quality is more important than the actual quantitative numbers in the sales equation.

5 Reasons for Working in a Data-Driven Manner with Inbound and Outbound

Today, the fastest growing companies in the world are doing both outbound and inbound.

HubSpot, Zenefits, Zendesk, Salesforce, Box and also we at Vainu are all examples of companies working with what we call Smartbound, a data driven combination of inbound and outbound.

How to give an effective sales pitch

A great pitch is short, efficient and clear. Let the person you’re talking to know what problem you can help him or her solve. Don’t be too technical and try to go for the meeting as soon as possible.

Why would I buy anything from you?

So you’re a salesman. Have you ever countered the oh-so-lovely answer to your well-honed pitch: “What’s in it for me? Why would I need this?” Many of us have – even if it should’ve been no-brainer. A match made in heaven.

In B2B sales nothing has changed - except everything

We have been very active in the Nordic market for a while now. I decided to reflect on a few findings we have made when discussing with sales people and professionals and of course following the social networks. My perception is that lot of people are aware that doing modern business requires modern sales tools and new methods. But what and how, there’s no clear consensus. Here’s our take:

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