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How to Leverage Company Data in Different Customer Segments

Customers come in all shapes and sizes. The type of company data you look at and the methods you use to make sense of it should depend on the nature of your business and your ideal customer profile.

When you're about to set up a framework for your data usage, you should first ask yourself about the resources you allocate to acquiring one single customer. Are your sales and marketing resources allocated to dozens, hundreds or thousands of customers or prospects? Depending on the answer, you'll need different types of company data and data analytics methods to improve your total sales.

What Is Company Data and Why Is It Valuable for Salespeople?

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into types of company data and analytics. We'll also look at why company data is valuable for sales professionals and go into the details of how you can access comprehensive, real-time company data most effectively.

Supercharge Your Sales with Technographics

Whether it’s to monitor marketing or to keep track of customers, technology in B2B these days cannot be escaped. The technologies that companies use leave digital footprints, so-called technographics, that can help you as a salesperson understand their identity or future direction.

The decisions companies make regarding technology can reveal useful account insights on prospects’ intentions, their priorities and the way they want to run their operations. Using technographic data in sales prospecting refers to salespeople’s attempts to better understand their prospects by analyzing their technology stacks.

Maximize your Marketing Results with Rich Data about Sales Prospects

We have been fortunate to have lot of success in Vainu when it comes to sales prospecting, thanks to our own prospecting platform. Our sales teams are able to identify the right prospects at the right time and significantly increase conversion rates.

Use Company Data Insights to Pull Off a Successful New Market Entry

Entering a new, unknown market is like being the new kid at a new school. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making new friends, or in the business world - finding new customers. Still, getting that first great connection can be more challenging than expected.

4 Ways to Leverage Online Data and Become a Sales Wizard

Technology is eating the world. To not be on the menu next, modern B2B-salespeople have to find innovative ways to capitalize on all of the company data at their fingertips these days.

Use Company Data to Increase the Odds at the Casino

Social networks and search engines changed the way private individuals are segmented and profiled for sales and marketing purposes and the same is now happening to legal entities.

Company Database vs. Static Prospect List

Dynamic company databases have changed the way B2B sales is conducted today. In the past prospecting often meant sending a payment to one of the many list providers out there, asking for X number of companies with specific characteristics. Static prospect lists are usually based on a few, very general qualifications such as revenue size, number of employees or location.

Sales prospecting today is continuous work, where you can make detailed searches and easily find the companies that match your ideal customer profile to a T by capitalizing on the power of open and public data.

Public Data Helps You Target the Right Companies at the Right Time

Global Internet traffic will surpass one zettabyte in 2016. All data available today means huge potential for B2B organizations to work more effectively with both inbound and outbound as company data can be used to target the right companies at the right time.

Stay Ahead of Competition by Understanding Company Data

I've been working with data at one of Europe's fastest growing tech companies for one year now, and decided to spend my first paid summer vacation almost completely out of reach, camping and hiking in Norway. After coming back to civilization after two weeks, I wanted to know how much data I had missed out on during my two weeks in the dead zone.

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