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Upselling through Customer Analysis with Internal and External Data

Growth or revenue creation can be fueled by two mediums: selling to a new customer or selling to an existing customer. We’ve written about using data and analytics when prospecting and selling to new customers, but how does it translate when selling to existing customers?

Upselling to customers has traditionally had an unpalatable nuance to it. The sole objective has been to get the customer to buy more. I can’t help but think of that car salesman who’s aggressively overselling that 4-door executive saloon, packaged in full options, when your only need is to get from place a to b. Knowing your customer in and out is what separates a pleasant buying experience from an unpleasant one.

Public Data Helps You Target the Right Companies at the Right Time

Global Internet traffic will surpass one zettabyte in 2016. All data available today means huge potential for B2B organizations to work more effectively with both inbound and outbound as company data can be used to target the right companies at the right time.

Stay Ahead of Competition by Understanding Company Data

I've been working with data at one of Europe's fastest growing tech companies for one year now, and decided to spend my first paid summer vacation almost completely out of reach, camping and hiking in Norway. After coming back to civilization after two weeks, I wanted to know how much data I had missed out on during my two weeks in the dead zone.

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