Data Visualization

By being able to visualize the ever-increasing amount of data, it can become your greatest asset in sales, marketing and business in general.

Slush Company Analysis: Technologies in Use - Slush vs. Finland

I can tell you that 70 % of Slush Companies are using Google Analytics, and that 34.7% have built their website on WordPress. But below you can see how Slush companies compare to traditional Finnish companies:

How well do we really know our customers?

As you know, we at Vainu have developed a lead generation software that allows companies not only to find new customers but also to make comprehensive analysis of their existing ones. You'd probably assume that since we are the best experts of our own sales intelligence solution, we would know every single customer of ours in and out.>

But do we?

New release: Vainu Analyzer

At Vainu we are building the world's most modern company database. All companies' digital footprint is growing fast thanks to many macro trends such as digital communications, social media, big data technology and open APIs provided by governments and other data collectors. Our customers use our Vainu platform on a daily basis to find better leads, to understand their customers better and to find new types of company insights.

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