Open Data

The internet is filled with open data on companies, both firmographic and technographic data. These posts help you leverage it in sales.

Using News Articles to Predict Changes in Customer Relationships

In North America, Vainu has been partnering with some of the largest institutions in the commercial banking, insurance, and telecom sectors to solve the challenging task of predicting customer retention, or churn, in their extensive client bases.

The Difference Between Good & Great Salespeople is Dedication to Data

You know your revenue, your customer acquisition cost and your sales quota in your sleep. At any given point you as a sales professional can probably tell me your numbers. Isn’t this right?

Maximize Every Step of The Sales Process With Insights From Open Data

The Internet has shifted the balance of power in sales. Traditionally, salespeople used to be the ones with access to most information — nowadays, well-read customers are more selective and critical when accepting a meeting with a sales rep.

Video: How open data can help you sell technical solutions

You can find a lot of information in a company’s website’s source code, for example you can see what marketing automation or account-based marketing software the company uses. Sales intelligence tools like Vainu gives you access to this information from open data in a quick, easy way – meaning you don’t have to scan any source code manually.

Use The Right Insights From Open Data When Entering A New Industry

One way to expand your business is to approach a new industry segment. As you do, the number of possible companies to contact is very high. Company data can help you make smart priorities when deciding what companies to process first.

Video: how open data helps event companies improve sales

When is the right time to celebrate? This is a questions that companies within the event industry always try to find the answer to. Open data can help them get the answer and find new customers.

How Open Data Helps Logistics and Transportation Companies

Every second week 35 Exabyte data is produced. This data can help companies within the logistic and transport business find new leads and customers.

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