Vainu is constantly recruiting new energetic and hard-working talents. Here you can learn more about our culture and the way we do business.

5 Tips for Effectively Scaling an Inside Sales Team

Scaling has probably been one of the most rewarding – but also challenging – things I’ve had to do as the co-founder of Vainu. While the rush of bringing on ambitious new team members or opening offices in new countries never gets old, getting to the point where our organization had a process in place for how to scale has been, admittedly, a challenge at times.

Perhaps what is the most important thing to do — and what takes the most precision — is finding that right mix of the right people to help accelerate your company’s growth and carry your vision forward.

Operation Blacksmith – Part 2: A Course for Growth

The second get-together of our blacksmiths started with a guest star appearance from the cover of the 2009 September issue of Fast Company, as we had the privilege to meet up with Tero Ojanperä. Today, Tero is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Vision+ Fund, a company investing into SaaS, Apps and Internet Service companies, but prior to Vision+ he served as the Chief Strategy and Technology Officer for Nokia.

Reason You Should or Shouldn't Join Vainu

Nowadays lot of people visit our office and ask how we've been able to grow so fast. The answer is simply that we've been great at recruiting – getting the right people in and keeping them. In the history of Vainu only a few people have left the office and not coming back. A cynical investment banker might argue that it's not a healthy employee turnover rate – the goals and expectations are simply not set high enough if people are not leaving.

Operation Blacksmith: Vainu's Self-Development Program

Operation Blacksmith - a self-development program for enthusiastic and ambitious employees of Vainu. This autumn our workshop's destination was Berlin, next year it will be New York.

It's simple: work hard, play harder and get selected to team Blacksmith!

A Vainu career with international opportunities

Business Development Manager with International Opportunities was the headline of the job add that caught my eye in autumn 2015. And in a company that claims to be one of the fastest growing startups in the Nordics. That’s really something also I would be interested in, I thought.

Vainu BootCamp - "an intense full body & mind workout"

Three intense days in Helsinki! Vainu’s first BootCamp - where 11 new Vainu employees participated and got to know more about Vainu’s history, current situation and visions and plans for the future - took place Monday to Wednesday last week.

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