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We have a sales code: Are we practicing what we preach?

At Vainu, we believe there’s a right way of doing sales. One that uses data in every step of the sales process to be truly relevant for prospects, to listen, and to provide value. However, are we practicing what we preach?

Best Practices For Using Vainu Under The New Circumstances

You had everything figured out. Your goals for 2020 were set, your sales playbook was locked in, and you’d even trained the team and got them operating smoothly.

Doing sales the right way: our Sales Code

Sometimes, in our endless hustle and our striving to succeed, we get lost. We focus on the things we think matter for our short-term results, and make compromises on the things that really do matter in the long run.

Say Hello to our new Brand

Today we're launching a rebranding of our logo, our visuals, our messaging, our mission and values, and how we operate as a team. A full update to our identity, from top to bottom.

This post is here to explain why.

Vainu's Sales Workflow

There are only so many jobs out there where you get to sell something you - hand on heart - can say that you use everyday and, frankly, wouldn’t be able to manage your job without. As a Business Development Manager at Vainu I have the great opportunity of doing just this.

Working in a highly sales-driven organization, selling a sales prospecting tool in the forefront means that I eat my company’s own dog food, so to speak, every day.

FinancesOnline awards Vainu with Rising Star and Great User Experience

Autumn 2017 is shaping up to be quite the season for us at Vainu. We've received major praise from influential tech communities across Europe in September for our innovation, user experience and growth trajectory.

How Does It Feel to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time?

Ever visit your friend who happened to have leftovers from his lunch pizza? Ever spotted some cash on the street? Or how about visit your local supermarket and found yourself being rewarded for being the millionth customer? Yes? Lucky you! Would you quit your day job and sit around to wait for these lucky events to happen?

Probably not. But some salespeople do.

Vainu Is for Salespeople What Tinder Is for Single People

Helsinki-based sales tech company Vainu expands to the U.S. wih updated software and improved CRM integrations.

More Actionable Leads with Vainu’s Ability to Track Buying Signals

You no longer need a Magic 8-Ball in order to contact prospects at the right time. Vainu is about to launch a new feature that allows you to stay up to date with all important changes in your target companies. On February 13th, we're launching a limited beta version of Vainu's soon-to-be core feature. This update is the first sneak peek of Vainu's next major release-to-come on April 1st.

A look at Vainu's new social media filters

Our tech team is constantly doing somersaults and backflips to make complex data sets on the web simple and accessible for salespeople worldwide. Most recently, this meant updating our UI to get ready for new updates — circle the 5th of November on your calendar to find out what the future will look like.

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