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Vainu serves a wide variety of companies from various industries. Here are some industry-specific blog posts we’ve written.

Staffing Sales Workflow: Monitor Buying Signals within Your Customers

Here is our quick take on how to streamline the process of winning more business as a sales professional in staffing: by uncovering sales opportunities within your existing customer base.

How to Create a Staffing Sales Workflow - Prospect Potential Customers

Staffing is not an easy business. In the U.S. alone, there are over 20,000 staffing and recruiting firms in competition for a limited pool of business opportunities. At the same time, sourcing the right candidates for these opportunities presents challenges of its own.

Buying Signals that Staffing Professionals Should Jump On

There are many tell-tale signs that a company's hiring needs are increasing. In this post we list 14 tried-and-tested buying signals that staffing sales professionals should act on now.

STOP Scanning Job Boards For Leads! There's A Better Way

Challenge: Staffing firms, recruitment agencies and other companies are looking for companies increasing their head count.

Today: People manually go through LinkedIn, job boards and possibly even career pages of potential companies one by one.

The effective way: Automate the grunt work by using an intelligent aggregator that sifts through millions of data sources to find the leads relevant for your case.

3 Mistakes Staffing Agencies Make When They Pitch to Prospects

All recruiters have received the following cold email:

“Hey [insert first name],

How Predictive Analytics Help Staffing Agencies Find New Customers

Staffing is one of the most competitive industries in many parts of the world. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 20,000 agencies competing on 16 million hiring assignments.

How Staffing Companies Should Be Prospecting to Win More Business

Look, generating lists of prospects fitting your target industry, company size and title is easy. But calling blindly through prospect lists with a generic pitch just doesn’t cut the mustard in a crowded space like recruitment and staffing. In those first five seconds of a cold call or first three lines of an email, you’ll have to win that prospect over with a well-informed argument no other sales rep came up with.

You need sales intelligence.

Guide for Sales Prospecting in Logistics and Transportation Companies

We are living in the era of robots, yet things don’t walk from point A to point B by themselves as of now. Logistics and transportation companies’ services are much needed in our globalized world. Here's brief guide on how to do sales prospecting in logistics and transportation industry.

Buying Signals in Recruitment Businesses

The recruitment business is highly competitive. You probably have several companies competing over your potential customers regardless if you work with recruiting a larger spectrum of competences or if you’ve chosen to work more targeted, recruiting only for specific roles.

Guide For Sales Prospecting in Real Estate Companies

As the invitation to a company’s housewarming party lands in your mailbox it’s already too late. The company has moved and you as a real estate agent have missed your chance to make them rent a space from you. Here's a how to do sales prospecting for real estate companies.

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