Videos humanize the selling process. Hence, Vainu’s blog isn’t just about text! Here’s a listing of all our blog posts with some video content.

The Numbers that Prove Quality Eats Quantity for Breakfast in Sales

For a long time, we’ve been told that sales is a numbers game. Lately, many people have started to question this belief by arguing that quality is more important than the actual quantitative numbers in the sales equation.

Video: How open data can help you sell technical solutions

You can find a lot of information in a company’s website’s source code, for example you can see what marketing automation or account-based marketing software the company uses. Sales intelligence tools like Vainu gives you access to this information from open data in a quick, easy way – meaning you don’t have to scan any source code manually.

Video: how open data helps event companies improve sales

When is the right time to celebrate? This is a questions that companies within the event industry always try to find the answer to. Open data can help them get the answer and find new customers.

How Open Data Helps Logistics and Transportation Companies

Every second week 35 Exabyte data is produced. This data can help companies within the logistic and transport business find new leads and customers.

Video: How Customer Success Benefits from Using Data

To maintain your customers and keep them happy you have to understand them. With data you can keep up to date with what’s going on with your customers and react fast if something changes in their organization.

Video: how to prospect more efficiently

It might not be your favorite part of your job – but it’s one of the most important parts. I’m talking about prospecting. By putting effort into finding relevant companies to contact and research them well before you contact them you build the foundation of a successful sales process.

How to give an effective sales pitch

A great pitch is short, efficient and clear. Let the person you’re talking to know what problem you can help him or her solve. Don’t be too technical and try to go for the meeting as soon as possible.

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