New release: Vainu Analyzer

At Vainu we are building the world's most modern company database. All companies' digital footprint is growing fast thanks to many macro trends such as digital communications, social media, big data technology and open APIs provided by governments and other data collectors. Our customers use our Vainu platform on a daily basis to find better leads, to understand their customers better and to find new types of company insights.

During the past 24 months we've collected a huge amount of company data from small hidden signals to big company-wide announcements. Our job is to make it easy for our customers to use this data to improve their business results, especially the top line; i.e., sales.

Once we reached a couple of hundreds of customers in the Nordics, a new need started to pop up more and more frequently within our own team.

Many people wanted to find a way to analyse our existing customers not only one by one but also as one big group.

Our sales teams wanted to see which segments are the most successful ones and the customer success unit wanted to spot if there are certain patterns in our client base. After some discussions with our engineers, our tech team put together an internal tool that was leveraging Vainu data and displayed it in a simple and intuitive way. This new feature helped us to discover new untouched segments in the market and increased productivity, allowing us to see all our customers and prospects at once in a simple dashboard view.

Today we are releasing this tool for everyone and it's called Vainu Analyzer.


The idea of Vainu Analyzer is simple. Any Vainu target group can now be analysed and visualised with one click of a button.

Select a target group from a dropdown menu and all the companies from that target group will be placed on a map and Vainu will automatically calculate lot of interesting metrics about that target group. Maybe you want to understand how companies are spread across different industries and revenue categories. Some users might want to see insights on the technographics, i.e. the cloud applications companies are currently using or trying out. We have also calculated several indexes for the digitalization readiness, social media usage and content marketing efforts.

There are several different ways how businesses can use Vainu Analyzer. Here are couple of use cases that we think will be common within our users:
  • Analyze all your customers and see the spread over locations, revenue categories, employee counts etc
  • Check which industries are recruiting certain type of professionals, making new investments, using certain technologies etc
  • Identify new and "not-so-obvious" target groups for sales by creating a target group from already known prospects and leads and discover new sub segments and potential growth areas
  • Regional analysis allows us to better understand the business ecosystem and firmographics of a select geographical region

Another example is what we did here at Vainu just before the summer holidays. We created a target group of all companies that are recruiting more people in sales roles and are also using some modern cloud applications. With Vainu Analyzer we realized couple of new industry segments that we had not really paid attention in the past and started approaching them as well. We have already welcomed the first new customers from those segments and expect to see many more in the coming months.

As it says in our company manifest: “Vainu eats complexity to portray simplicity.”

Vainu Analyzer is another example of us demystifying the complexity of company insights by removing the unnecessary fuss around the concept of data analysis.

If you'd like to see Vainu Analyzer in action, please leave your contact details below or learn more about the new feature here.

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Mikko Honkanen

Mikko Honkanen is Vainu's CEO and Co-Founder with a strong background in SaaS industry and B2B sales.