A look at Vainu's new social media filters

Our tech team is constantly doing somersaults and backflips to make complex data sets on the web simple and accessible for salespeople worldwide. Most recently, this meant updating our UI to get ready for new updates — circle the 5th of November on your calendar to find out what the future will look like.

Another recent update was the introduction of social media filters into the software. Originally aimed at our creative agency clientele, this feature has seen multiple methods of use since its silent launch a month back. Here’s the breakdown on the new data and what it brings to your sales prospecting.

The Update


Image 1. Social media data from Vainu.

We now use social media APIs to identify the key figures for each company in our database on Twitter and Facebook: how many followers, how often they post, what the engagement rate is etc. This information is found on each company card, and can be used to filter through companies when prospecting. If you’re a Vainu Analyzer user, you will also have the social media data visible in the dashboard, for further insights on your target groups.

Social media filters are a good way of finding prospects on an upswing.

How to use it to your advantage

The figures on followership correlate with the size of the brand’s community and size of the brand itself. Our customers have noticed this, successfully filtering through to find the biggest consumer brands based on the size of their community.

Often times, these social KPIs will also ramp up before the financial figures follow suit. When looking for growing companies, look for prospects that are currently at the bottom of your target group financially, but well above average in terms of followership. This is a good way of finding prospects on an upswing.

For those working directly with social media, look for companies that post often with low reach, or have a hard time engaging their communities. In addition to generating a direct list of companies that you should be able to help, this data is useful as background research when already in talks with a prospect. Pair it with an industry average from Vainu Analyzer to illustrate how exactly you can help.

Circle the 5th of November on your calendar to find out what the future will look like.

Development to be continued

We plan to be expand on the current figures and add other social channels down the road. As always, development is based on dialogue with our users, so please be in touch if you have any ideas!

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Mikko Luhtava

Mikko is Head of Communications at Vainu, interested in brand communication, football and New England Patriots.