What Web Technology - Such as Hubspot - Says About a Company Identity

It’s safe to say that just about any company, whether an industry giant or a smaller agency, is  benefiting from some kind of web technology. Whether it’s to micromanage their marketing or to keep track of their customers, technology in B2B these days cannot be escaped.

Moreover, new technologies are seemingly popping up ever so often. While some will never catch on, many are here to stay and will quickly become industry staples. For a B2B sales professional, web technology is an important account insight.

As not all tech tools are for all companies, some deductions can be made about the ones using certain systems.

Below are a few of the most popular technologies used in B2B companies and what these say about a company’s identity or future direction.


What is it?
HubSpot, at the most basic level, combines CMS, social media publishing/monitoring, email marketing automation, CRM, and a full analytics package all into one platform. As a result, it allows for a holistic approach to operating and monitoring a company’s inbound marketing efforts. For many different types of companies, a solution like HubSpot hits the spot, as so many needs are being fulfilled and delivered in a neat and easy to use package.

What does this say about the company?
HubSpot is a modern way of monitoring the success of a company’s marketing plans and executions, but it comes with a price. Quite literally in fact. A company using HubSpot seems fully committed to succeeding in their marketing plans and are more likely to shell out on campaigns as well as monitoring tools and systems in order to create conversion. 


What is it?
ZenDesk is a family of products ranging from chat services to analytics, mainly used as a customer service chat or ticketing system. ZenDesk is a power player and widely used in enterprise-level organizations as it is suitable for dealing with a large volume of queries, but it does suit smaller companies as well. In many cases, ZenDesk can be the next step up for a smaller company or a startup when raising their customer service to the next level. 

What does this say about the company?
Without a doubt, for any sized company, having, using and paying for ZenDesk would mean a strong focus on high quality, swift customer service as pricing is not from the lowest end of the spectrum. The reporting and detailed analytics provided by ZenDesk give direct insight into user feedback, which serves as an indication of focus on customer care and user-centricity.


What is it?
Digital communication channels are a convenient way of communicating ideas rapidly within teams and dealing with issues on the spot, saving organizations from drowning in project-related emails. Slack has made sharing data even easier with its ecosystem of bots and integrations. Slack is most often used in small to mid-range companies as the primary means of communication and task handling, while bigger organizations tend to still rely on traditional ways of digital communication, whether it would be through an intranet or plain old email.

What does this say about the company?
Slack is all about transparency, promptness and a casual feel, which could indicate a less hierarchical and a more rapid decision-making process within the organization. Slack with its modern and fun features could also be a tell-tale sign of a more relaxed and approachable company culture with a focus on communication within teams.

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What is it?
Instagram is a free social photo sharing platform with over 600 million users. Needless to say, the potential for companies is huge. Although advertising on Instagram has become more and more popular during recent years, the majority of Instagram’s users are still on the lookout for a place to connect with like-minded individuals. This thinking has led companies to advertise in a more discrete way, but also to share more about their employees and culture, further promoting their company identity.  

What does this say about the company?
Companies using Instagram and sharing their day-to-day lives often appear more approachable and mindful about their personnel. They might be interested in putting their best foot forward when it comes to appearances and image, and probably want to create a solid presence in social media. Companies who are active on social media are also focused on employer branding and are most likely either currently hiring or looking to add new recruits from younger generations in the near future.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What is it?
The de facto leader in cloud computing by market share. Cloud services are no longer just for startups, as big businesses from all types of industries are transitioning their infrastructure and data ecosystems into the cloud. In an effort to offer better customer service and to leverage advances in manufacturing, companies from even the most traditional and change-resistant sectors are seeing the value of the cloud as a way to minimize risk and cut costs.

What does this say about the company?
AWS serves as a rather clear indicator that the company in question has a professional, smart and up-to-date policy about their data storage, as AWS is known for being scalable and cost-effective. Utilizing AWS’ reliable services, it could be concluded that the company is willing to put emphasis on advanced technologies, but demand only the highest quality.

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