Where to focus in start-up?

The long wait has come to an end. For me and Mikko, I would say the wait has been there for years - to start a company of our own. Now it has finally come to something concrete - and can't wait to get it all started. It has been a dream for a decade and the biggest mistake would be not to fail in this but not to take this chance.

Having few beers on a Saturday evening - more creative than ever - we thought how should we be internally lead when we start our daily operations. We are friends from long way back and now accompanied with Tuomas, who is also a friend of ours from elementary school. Tuomas has done some amazing software for anything - from a wardrobe app for teenage girls to big data applications for defense industry and neural networks for remote helicopters. His apps have been downloaded millions of times in Appstore.

So, Tuomas definitely knows what he is doing, but do we, me and Mikko? There’s lot of factors you need to take in place, from internal factors to external, from governmental mandatory things to business climate stuff. But in the end, we thought, we are in the business of business, not in the business of filing external reports or in the business of registering any internal documents correctly. We cannot be structured to hit internal, operational goals. In a start-up world it’s easy to keep yourself busy doing a lot of different things (like writing this blog) that is not really that essential. Who wouldn’t like to have a cool website that is optimized for TechCrunch get interested?

But also we thought we shouldn't work as a punch of creative idealists either. We can't spend our days dreaming the vision of every company having our tool as a standard plugin for Salesforce and shaking hands with Mark Benioff in Dreamforce. Structure is something that pulls everyone together, and it's like security - the first time you miss it is when don't have it.

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Hmm.. so we cannot be structured and we cannot be creative. What can we be? Something in between? Structive? According to urban dictionary structive is "not constructive, it is not destructive. An act (often of minor vandalism) that doesn't really cause any harm but also isn't really productive, either".. Making compromises either lead anywhere.

Sitting for many hours in a local pub and having our first ”management meeting” (yeah, there’s sarcasm in that) we finally came up to a conclusion what our internal slogan should be - the one that guides us every day we walk in to this sub-rented shed in the suburbs of Helsinki. We came up with the slogan "It's about getting things done". No matter what we decide, we get it done. Now when we are having the software in order our focus is on getting it to the market - and you know what, we have a great tool to help us achieve that!

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Pietari Suvanto

Pietari is one of Vainu's Co-Founders and has started the first international Vainu offices in Stockholm and Amsterdam.