Why would I buy anything from you?

So you’re a salesman. Have you ever countered the oh-so-lovely answer to your well-honed pitch: “What’s in it for me? Why would I need this?” Many of us have – even if it should’ve been no-brainer. A match made in heaven.

You solve problems... but not all have them

Whatever it is you’re trying to sell, it solves a problem. Your customers might have poor company reputation, they might struggle in finding new talent or they could be missing proper pens. You create brand strategies and marketing campaigns, implement fancy recruitment platforms or deliver a box of finest Ballograf pens.

But hold on.

Before you reach this delivery phase – before the wheels are rolling and cash is flowing – the prospect has to be found, booked, met, convinced and closed. If you’re lucky, you only have to meet maybe three customers to get a deal, but sometimes it takes twenty openings to close one. That’s a lot of work and here’s the sad thing: you only get paid for the closed deals.

There’s a prospect ocean out there. Wouldn’t you want to find the ones that actually need you and your services?

Rage against the average

Say, you’re selling the world’s greatest pens. You could say that every single company is a potential customer and thus you list them all and contact them. One by one. Many of them tell you that they have a paperless office or they already have everything taken care of. Still you manage to book some meetings and close deals with an average hitrate. You did OK. Happy now?

What if you could increase your hitrate from 5% to 10%. If you could close two out of twenty. This would mean that you could either work less or have a significantly heavier bank account. And it isn’t such a bad thing to find yourself from the top salespeople rankings. Instead of just knocking on everyone’s door, if you could target your Ballograf pens to the customers who actually need them, do you think you could double your hitrate?

New Call-to-action

Do your homework

If you throw a brief analysis on your existing customers and lost prospects, you can find enlightening views on the reasons why they have or have not purchased from you. A young, growing company hadn’t thought about pen providers yet and you called them at the right time. A recently appointed CFO terminated old contracts, sought for better options and found you. A startup with modern digital tools announced that not a single pen nor a paper sheet will ever enter its premises. Just to mention a few.

The next step

The same logic applies to all sales: there are factors that cause the need. And yes, these factors are very often recognizable and thus utilizable in your everyday sales. Vainu opens unimaginable sales possibilities by using open data to find your best sales leads. A webshop has a few visitors so they need SEO. One company recruits heavily and is overwhelmed with applications so they need a platform that automates the recruitment process. Another wins its first deal to India and requires help with legislative and cultural issues.

By recognizing the companies who actually are willing to buy, you can definitely pump up your hitrate and – simply put – make your life easier.

So why would I buy anything from you?

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Antti Lehtimäki

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