15-20 %

Less time spend on prospecting

10-15 %

More offers lead to a signed contract

3 w.

Until the first deal through Vainu
Borg & Owilli

A content creation agency founded in 2015 that focuses on B2B marketing for Swedish companies.



Stockholm, Sweden





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Borg & Owilli is a content creation agency that works with B2B marketing, mainly for Swedish companies in the industrial-, finance-, construction-, and MedTech industry. The almost two-year-old company works actively with sales, and the goal for 2018 is to increase its turnover by 50 percent.

Borg & Owilli is a content agency with a definite go, the company strives always to find new tools and strategies that help the employees become more efficient, deliver better results and improve their health. Borg & Owilli started to use Vainu in October 2017 to streamline the sales efforts towards both existing and new customers. The company got the first deal through the tool in less than three weeks. Since then, they’ve been able to increase the number of sent offers that convert to a signed contract with 10-15 percent.

Improved sales and more information about existing customers

Out of Borg & Owillis’ in total 34 employees, 17 work actively with sales. Up until October last year, they found new prospects and information about existing customers almost exclusively through Google searches.

"One of the greatest perks with Vainu is that we now have access to more company information in one place. The tool helps our salespeople save 15-20 percent of the time they previously spent on sales prospecting. That time-saving alone makes our investment in Vainu profitable," says Salar Roshandel, Head of Sales, Borg & Owilli.

Borg & Owilli’s salespeople spend approximately half of their time on processing existing customers. To make their up-selling more relevant and improve their up-selling figures, they use Vainu to monitor important changes in their customer’s organization. Every salesperson receives a notification whenever a relevant change in any of their target accounts occur.

The second half of the workday, Borg & Owilli’s salespeople spend on acquiring new customers. To find new prospects faster and easier, they use Vainu’s twin search function.

“We open up our existing customer’s company cards in Vainu, and the tool automatically finds other companies with similar characteristics. This way, we get between three and five new quality prospects in only a few seconds,” says Salar Roshandel.

Borg & Owilli team

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"Our investment in Vainu has been profitable, no doubt about it. All our salespeople appreciate the tool, it helps them save valuable time and makes it easier for them to come well-read to every sales and customer meeting.” 

Salar Roshandel, Head of Sales at Borg & Owilli
Salar Roshandel

Head of Sales

A tool appreciated by all salespeople

Borg & Owilli have an ambitious growth goal for 2018. Last year the company had a turnover of 50 million SEK, this year they’re aiming at increasing that figure with 50 percent.

“We’re always looking for new ways to make our organization more effective,” says Salar Roshandel.

Thanks to Vainu, Borg & Owilli’s salespeople haven’t only been able to decrease the time they spend on sales prospecting and thereby got more time over to process both new and existing customers. They’ve also been able to improve the percentage of sent offers that convert into a signed contract with 10-15 percent.

”I’m happy with Vainu, the by far biggest perk with the tool is that it gives us access to more company information in one place. Today, our salespeople can enter every sales and customer meeting more well-read,” says Salar Roshandel.

He adds:

“Another positive thing with Vainu is that I always feel we get quick support if we have any questions regarding the tool.”