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Freska provides cleaning services for both B2C and B2B markets, and in the latter, Vainu has been a tremendous aid. With Vainu's sales prospecting tool, Freska catches companies the moment they are in need of cleaning services. In addition to this, Freska attended Vainu Sales Academy.

Freska provides cleaning services for both business and private customers. The company is growing fast, and for a relatively new business, they've already built a broad customer base.

Earlier, sales prospecting at Freska based merely on manually finding information from Google. Eventually, even a blind hen will find a lead, but for a start-up passionate to grow fast, this - apparently - wasn't enough.

Business critical information from Vainu

In 2017, Freska management began to figure out ways to improve their B2B sales processes. After a LinkedIn status update requesting for ideas was released, two service providers quickly responded. During the following weeks, both providers demoed their tools, and in the end, Freska ended up choosing Vainu.

Why did Freska choose Vainu as their sales prospecting companion? According to Freska B2B Sales Executive Aksel Gundogdu, the answer is simple: Vainu-data included business-critical insights for them.

For Freska B2B sales, understanding buying signals is a crucial skill. Their customers are not always looking to change their cleaning service providers, but do so during specific moments. With Vainu, they can spot changes that indicate when to give the customer a call.

How to find every relocating company in Helsinki?

Most often the need for changing a cleaning service provider arises during a relocation. With Vainu, Freska monitors every company relocation at Helsinki, Tampere and Turku area. "In Helsinki alone, we are notified of to 50 relocations every day. Of those, we'll gather more than 20 valuable leads every week," Gundogdu says. Also, high recruiting volume often predicts company relocation. Increases in recruitment is another buying signal Freska monitors continuously.

The introduction of Vainu at Freska was straight-forward. During the first and only training session, Vainu personnel defined the target groups to match Freska needs, and according to Gundogdu, they work as promised, and Freska sales receive every notification they desire: "Target groups were built so well, that we've had zero need to modify them any further."

Freska B2B sales team has also taken part in the Vainu Sales Academy. For Gundogdu the event was an excellent addition to the service and included tangible sales education.

Freska Aksel

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"In Helsinki alone, we are notified of to 50 relocations every day. Of those, we'll gather more than 20 valuable leads every week."

Aksel Gundogdu
Aksel Gundogdu

B2B Sales Executive

Pure Satisfaction

During the time as Vainu customer, Freska has notably improved their B2B sales performance. Booking hit rate is 30% better than before, sales prospecting takes less than half the time it took earlier, and they find 80 qualified lead every month with the help of Vainu.

Gundogdu and rest of the Freska team are happy with the Vainu partnership and recommend the service for every sales organization that can find new sales opportunities within public data.