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Grape People helps organizations better use their valuable competencies through facilitating training and workshops. The company facilitates participation, insights, change situations, and group decision-making.

Over the years, Grape People had successfully developed its processes related to sales and to their clients. In 2019, the company faced a challenge: They had accumulated massive amounts of valuable customer data over the past 15 years, but since it was hard to make use of, it was barely used at all.The bottleneck was their old CRM system, where information was dispersed and set up in a way that didn’t support their sales process. "To succeed in our work, and to be able to serve our clients in the best possible way, we need accurate customer data that is up to date. As we all know, data becomes stale very quickly", says Jyri Saraste, Sales Director at Grape People.

A new CRM and Vainu's company data at the core of the change

While searching for a solution, Saraste decided to rely on the power of his networks, which is where he found Vainu. "For us, it was essential to find a partner who could provide us with more understanding and comprehensive services, and not only a one-off solution. Vainu was the best option out there," Saraste elaborates.

Vainu and Grape People worked together to figure out the best solution. The discussions resulted in the decision to switch CRM platforms. Furthermore, customer data in the current CRM had to be transformed into a format compatible for the new one. According to Saraste, the decision to buy Vainu was easy to make. "Our contact person at Vainu spent a lot of time and effort clearing up our current situation and mapping out our needs. Also, the proposal was extremely understandable." Besides having stale customer data in the existing CRM system, there was another challenge. The most essential data point was missing in the CRM: business IDs, which modern CRM systems require to function well.

As a result, Grape People and Vainu started working together. The chosen solutions were Vainu Clean and Vainu's professional services, accompanied by a totally new CRM system, Pipedrive CRM. Grape People's goal was for the CRM to support their work, bring ease in managing clients, and better guide their sales processes.

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Our customer data has been enriched, and newly implemented Pipedrive CRM brings genuine value to our sales process. We have time to identify opportunities in our current client base as well as potential clients. We've been able to close sales with the help of more structured customer data. This transformation couldn't have been done without our partner, Vainu.

Jyri Saraste

Sales Director

From smooth cooperation to a clean sales process

The project that took off in June 2019 involved data migration between two different systems as well as implementing Pipedrive CRM. Sarmad from Vainu's Engagement Team carried out the process together with Grape People's team. During the project, Vainu initiated some changes to the original plans. In the new operating model, CRM data would be used in each step of the sales process to better serve their goals.

According to Saraste, cooperation was fruitful. "I can warmly recommend Sarmad and cooperation with Vainu to anyone, whose goal is to enrich their customer data and gain better customer insights, hence to generate more sales."


Real-time CRM data – the catalyst for growth

The usage rate of Grape People’s CRM system has improved since the data migration project and shift to Pipedrive CRM. Employees can now better serve their clients. "Our goal was that by the end of 2019, our CRM would be an integral part of peoples' daily work. Now it has been in use for almost two months," Saraste concludes.

Grape People has been able to grow their business in a short period of time with the help of Vainu Clean and real-time customer data. "In the new setup, we have time to identify opportunities in our current client base as well as potential clients. We've been able to close sales with the help of more structured customer data." Saraste is satisfied with the project for good reason. "The outcome of the project is a lot better than I expected; our customer data has been enriched, and we're using Pipedrive CRM actively. This project has enabled us to enhance our customer experience."

Saraste warmly recommends Vainu to other companies and concludes, "This transformation couldn't have happened without Vainu. Our operating models are now simple, and our sales processes make sense. Thanks to this project, we’re now in a position to reach our ambitious sales targets."