Tal med en dataspecialist

Data fra offentlige registre

Komplet virksomhedsdata fra hvert marked

Vi har lokale samarbejder i de lande vi er repræsenteret i. Grundet deres kendskab til markedet garanterer det os den bedste kvalitet af virksomhedsdata på det nationale marked.

Everything from the company website, indexed

Data fra hjemmesider

Data fra virksomhedens egen hjemmeside

Når vi har matchet en virksomhed med en hjemmeside bruger vi machine learning til at indsamle og koble interessant information omkring virksomheden såsom: adresse, pressemeddelelser, link - sågar den fulde tekst på hjemmesiden.

Everything from the company website, indexed

Åben og offentlig tilgængelig data

Relevant forretnings­information indhentet fra nettet og matchet op mod de enkelte virksomheder

Vi bruger vores egen udviklet neurale netværksteknologi til navne genkendelse til de enorme mængder offentlig data som vi indsamler fra millioner af kilder online såsom nyhedsartikler, jobanoncer og offentlige registre blot for at nævne et par stykker.

Our matching process

Læs mere om brugen af virksomheds­oplysninger til forbedring af datamodeller.

Bygget med machine learning i tankerne

Hvis dit mål er at prioritetere virksomheder der er mest tilbøjelig til at købe dine ydelser, så kan vores data promblemfrit hjælpe med at finde dit næste projekt.
Churn prediction
Account scoring

Opdag de kunder som har størst risiko for at forlade dig

Vær sikker på at din kundeservice fokusere på de kunder som har behov for hjælp. Ved at matche jeres data på opsagte kunder med vores data fra millioner af historiske nyhedsartikler kan vi hjælpe med at forudsige hvilke af dine kunder som der er størst sandsynlighed for vil opsige.

Churn prediction

Fokuser på kunder som der er størst mulighed for at konvertere

Hvorfor stole på dine mavefornemmelse når du kan bruge data i stedet? Match dine tidligere salg med vores unikke data for at identificere hvilke virksomheder der ligner dine bedste kunder bedst. Vi kan give dig en række af virksomheder som er relevante, notificere dig omkring nye virksomheder der passer på tidligere salg og endda hvilke produkter der er relevante at promovere.

Account scoring

Beregn risikoen for alle virksomheder

I finans og forsikringsbranchen er den rigtige pris afhængig af risikoen af kundens virksomhed. Match jeres interne data med vores omfattende datasæt for at beregne den rigtige pris for en ny kunde.

Risk calculations


Sørg for dit CRM system er opdateret med værdifuld virksomheds­informationer som gør dine sælgere mere produktive.

Marketing automation

Bedre markedsføring ved brug af korrekt virksomheds­information og som gør det nemmere at identificere hvem du interagere med.


De bedste forudsætninger for en succesfuld markedsføring gennem høj kvalitet og unik virksomhedsdata.

Vainu er nemt at anvende og fungerer med de mest populære salgsværktøjer

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Before Vainu, our lead response time was up to one month. Now, it’s [during office hours] roughly 3 minutes, and every lead we send to sales is relevant.

Heikki Sivonen
Head of Marketing Operations

I think it's fantastic that Vainu develops continuously and I think there are many ways of using Vainu that neither party has yet realized.

Tuomo Laukkonen
Commercial Director

At the beginning of the year we recruited three new sales reps to solely search for new business and they have closed new deals worth 5 million euros with the help of Vainu.

Mikko Tervakangas
Sales Director

All our sales prospecting in Finland, Sweden and Norway is done through Vainu and our employees are nuts about it! Everyone uses Vainu and it is a part of the onboarding process of every new salesperson.

Jukka Pulkkinen
Head of Sales
Academic Work

Vainu is becoming an even bigger part of our growth, because we’re expanding to new markets. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands are all countries where we don’t have existing relationships or knowledge about the company landscape.

Anders Holmberg
Chief Sales Officer

Our first call resolution has gone up from 75% to around 90%. Also, our contact volume has gone down about 20%, and our net benefit can be counted in millions by the end of the year. And we’re just getting started.

Sakari Pehkonen
Financial Director

In January, we closed more deals than in November and December combined. It’s safe to say we’ve made our money back more than once.

Kasper Klit
Head of Sales

Vainu is clearly the best comparable software I've ever used. In less than one month our investment reached positive ROI, and in less than 9 months we gained 350 new customers – all of them practically from Vainu.

Taavi Laukkanen
Sales Director

We were impressed by the Vainu playbook and the atmosphere at the Academy. We listened carefully, and think it was an excellent idea to take part in this.

Jussi Granberg
Field Sales Manager
Toyota Finland

Vainu has proven to be everything we were promised when we purchased the tool. Today, we do all our prospecting in Vainu. We save time and have got 80 times ROI since starting to use the tool.

Martin Heden Lindgren
Project Manager

In Helsinki alone, we are notified of to 50 relocations every day. Of those, we'll gather more than 20 valuable leads every week.

Aksel Gundogdu
B2B Sales Executive

In a small team, we have to be productive all the time. We’re two people doing sales, and we’re both saving 10 hours a week easy.

Philip Hägglund

Our time spent on prospecting has decreased by 67% from what it was before Vainu. It is now extremely easy to identify the companies with many open positions who are already using other SaaS technologies.

Miikka Tuomola
Sales Director

I've acquired several new accounts by simply following the reports of new companies from Vainu. In this business, being the first is being the winner!"

Oskari Lammi
Key Account Manager
Heinon Tukku

When we get a scent of a customer, we are fast to react and use the data from Vainu to tailor an offer to fit the particular customer and their current situation.

Henri Rantalainen
Area Director

Our consultant called a prospect and told them that they have outdated technology on their website and they could use a better option, which left the prospect impressed. The consultant sounded like he did many hours of research, but it was only 5 minutes he spent on Vainu.

Hector Rivas

Previously our salespeople could spend a whole day on prospecting. Now all that's needed to get the same job done is one search in Vainu. We find better prospects while spending a staggering 90 percent less time on prospecting.

Rasmus Kallemby
Head of Sales and Co-Founder

Earlier I could have spent a whole afternoon finding a list of 100 prospects. With Vainu, I'm able to get the list instantaneously with a few clicks.

Valtteri Syväniemi
Content House

Vainu is a genuinely useful tool. I've recommended it to many colleagues in other companies, and many of them have chosen Vainu.

Heikki Kinnunen
Vice President

It is thanks to Vainu that we can recruit so many new Account Managers and they all have enough good prospects. In addition, Vainu's Pipedrive integration is a real time-saver to us.

Jesse Kinnunen
Recruiting Consultant

What's really good about Vainu, is that you can find companies that aren't that visible everywhere - hidden gems! Those are also easier to close because they haven't been contacted that heavily. For 95% of prospects that we're looking for it's much much faster with Vainu.

Jan Valle
Managing Director

Having a well built list of prospects makes it possible for us to scale sales easily. Vainu continuously finds us first-rate prospects and it paid off itself in only few weeks.

Mika Koljonen
Sales Manager

Our investment in Vainu has been profitable, no doubt about it. All our salespeople appreciate the tool, it helps them save valuable time and makes it easier for them to come well-read to every sales and customer meeting.

Salar Roshandel
Head of Sales
Borg & Owilli