In modern B2B sales, speed is your competitive advantage. You want to engage with your prospects when they most expect it. If you can capture a prospect's attention when buying intent is at its peak, they won't be inclined to check a competitor's offer.

A growing number of B2B sales organizations are adopting a real-time sales model. But real-time sales isn't just about implementing a live chat tool on your website: You need a whole strategy and a team to support it.We're happy to share our experience and know-how through eight lessons that will detail everything there's to know about establishing the framework. Topics include:

  • Building a trusted data foundation and keeping your CRM in good shape.
  • Identifying new opportunities at the right time by incorporating data into the sales process.
  • Prioritizing your prospects through Account Scoring.
  • How to craft the right message at the right time.
  • Mathematics for B2B sales and the KPIs your sales team should focus on.
  • The best sales and marketing tools for a modern B2B sales professional.
  • How to create a real-time sales playbook.

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