Vainu Product Updates Webinar

A Rundown of the Latest Features and A Sneak Peek at Our Exciting Upcoming Product Updates

Wednesday, June 16 at 12-13.30 CEST

In this day and age, with an abundance of information out there, all B2B organizations are facing the same challenge: How to turn company data into actionable insights?

Join our webinar to see in action how our latest and upcoming updates in Vainu give you more ammunition to tackle just that!

Webinar agenda:

12:00 Delivering personalization at scale - Pietari Suvanto
12:10 Keynote speech: Tapping into trigger events - the way to turn data into action - Elisabeth Norberg, Telavox
12:35 A short break! ☕
The Latest & Upcoming Key Product Updates
12:40 Company Profiles: New data points and filtering options to find the right target accounts - Teele Luga
12:50 Workflow Triggers: Automate actions in your CRM based on any relevant company change - Pietari Suvanto
13:00 Data Updates:
Native connectors to keep your CRM data fresh and reliable - Pietari Suvanto
Powerful & dynamic APIs fuel innovation - Jussi Kauppila
13:10 Q&A and final words

Join the full session, or cherry-pick the parts that interest you the most! We'll finish with Q&As, so you'll have the chance to ask questions directly from the presenters.

Hoping to see you there!

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Product Updates Webinar

What you can expect:

👉 a rundown of what's new in Vainu
👉 a sneak peek at our upcoming key product updates
👉 an insightful keynote speech by Telavox
👉 a Q&A session

Elisabeth Norberg (Commercial Analyst) from Telavox will present their successful solution for feeding real-time company information and the latest company changes directly into their CRM from Vainu.

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“Thanks to Vainu’s embedded company profiles, our meeting-bookers have cut down the time it takes to prospect companies with around 50 percent. The front-end experience and integrations that Vainu offers has been a strong contributor to our simplified sales processes.
-Elisabeth Norberg, Commercial Analyst at Telavox-

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