Vainu Live | Episode 5

Key takeaways from Inbound 2022 and SaaStr Annual 2022

Tuesday, 4 October at 10:30 CET

In this episode:

On Tuesday, 4 October at 10:30 CET, Mikko Honkanen will be reporting back from Inbound 2022 and Saastr Annual 2022 to discuss his key takeaways from these huge events with Aamer and all of you.

Valuable for anyone interested in hearing what some of the world's most notable thought and business leaders have to say about the future of B2B business.

We hope to see you there!


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| Mikko Honkanen
Co-founder, Vainu

Mikko Honkanen



| Aamer Hasu
Head of Marketing, Vainu

Aamer Hasu


Vainu Live episodes are dedicated to helping B2B Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Ops professionals to succeed in their job by tapping into company data. We cover a range of topics from prospecting to lead management, segmentation, and data enrichment to many more–aiming to give concrete tips, ideas, and food for thought about how to work smarter, not harder.