Guide for Sales Prospecting in Logistics and Transportation Companies

We might live in an ‘automation era’, but that doesn’t mean all things get from point A to B by themselves. It’s up to logistics companies to provide all the transportation that is needed in our very much globalized world.

But transport and logistics face challenges. Such as prospecting, finding sales opportunities, or even completely new customers. Because, how do you find companies that need your logistics services now or in the near future? In this article, you will learn the best ways to prospect in the logistics sector.

Many companies in the transport industry grow either via: (1) their existing network or, if active acquisition is done, (2) via cold calling and email campaigns through (purchased) call lists. However, these methods are proving to be less and less effective. New logistical needs in the market often end up with companies in their network or that have a strong inbound strategy.

In short: Most sales teams of logistics and transport companies have to go to a large number of companies to find new customers. For example, they often get their prospects by manually searching on Google or by buying contact lists.

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting

Why this doesn't work (well enough): Through your existing network you are only able to grow as far as your network allows you to. Cold acquisition campaigns (by phone or email) are no alternative, since the hit rate is too low and your reputation can be ruined due to irrelevant cold calls.

So, what is the most effective way?! Find your new customers with a prospecting platform such as Vainu. The platform collects information from milions (!) of registered company websites every day and sends you a notification in the system of your choice: your CRM, Slack, email or marketing automation platform. With Vainu you can quickly make advanced searches to find companies/leads with specific characteristics that indicate that they need your service. You can also forward these leads for direct outreach or sales and marketing automation applications.

But how do you know for sure which companies need your logistics services now (or in the near future)? Read on for 5 examples of hyper relevant sales triggers 🔥.

5 ways to find companies that need transportation services

1. Expansions

As a company expands, initiates a new construction project or opens up a new production facility in a new city it’s highly likely that they will need things to be transported. There are many events that can indicate a company’s need for transportation services.

Find companies that have expanded their businesses

2. Won deals

Any company that wins a big procurement contract will likely appreciate a call from your sales team as their need of transport will increase.

Find companies that have won large customers

3. Investments

Construction or production companies that take in a large investment will probably have an increased number of items to ship soon. With Vainu’s advanced search functions you can search for companies in a chosen industry which have recently received external funding.

Find companies that have received investments

4. Search for similar companies

By looking at common features of your current customers you learn how they walk and talk and can this way easily create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). When you know what makes a good lead you can search for companies matching this description.

Find similar companies

5. Recruitments

Companies recruiting/Storage Managers, Logistics Managers or Transportation Planners will very likely look over their transportation and logistics solutions. In Vainu you can search for companies recruiting at the moment and use our free text search and type in for example “Store Manager” to find those looking for this specific role now.

Find companies that are recruiting

In fact, you can find all these events—as well as the companies matching your ICP—in Vainu. Receive notifications that open up windows of opportunities and optimize your sales efforts.

Want to see what Vainu’s real-time company information can do for your company? Request a demo to learn more.

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