Guide for Sales Prospecting in Logistics and Transportation Companies

We are living in the era of robots, yet things don’t walk from point A to point B by themselves as of now. Logistics and transportation companies’ services are much needed in our globalized world. Here's brief guide on how to do sales prospecting in logistics and transportation industry.

Challenge: Logistics and transportation companies want to find companies that need their services now or within a nearby future.

Today: Most logistics and transportation companies' sales teams process a large number of companies to find new customers. They often get their prospects from manual Google searches or bought contact lists.

The effective way: Vainu’s web indexing technology collects information on every registered company from thousands of websites every day. In Vainu you can easily make advanced searches to find companies with specific features that indicate a need of your service.



As a company expands, initiates a new construction project or opens up a new production facility in a new city it’s highly likely that they will need things to be transported. There are many events that can indicate a company’s need for transportation services.

Find companies that have expanded their businesses


Any company that wins a big procurement contract will likely appreciate a call from your sales team as their need of transport will increase.

Find companies that have won large customers


Construction or production companies that take in a large investment will probably have an increased number of items to ship soon. With Vainu’s advanced search functions you can search for companies in a chosen industry which have recently received external funding.

Find companies that have received investments


By looking at common features of your current customers you learn how they walk and talk and can this way easily create an Ideal Customer Profile. When you know what makes a good lead you can search for companies matching this description.

Find similar companies


Companies recruiting/Storage Managers, Logistics Managers or Transportation Planners will very likely look over their transportation and logistics solutions. In Vainu you can search for companies recruiting at the moment and use our free text search and type in for example “Store Manager” to find those looking for this specific role now.

Find companies that are recruiting

In fact, you can find all these events as well as the companies matching you Ideal Customer Profile in Vainu, and get notifications when any of your prospects goes through a change that can open up a window of opportunity for you. Try out our freemium company search tool, or request a demo and get full access to the above-mentioned searches and find out how much more sales you will make when prospecting with open data!

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