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Build powerful micro-segments with exact industry focus, expand your target groups using domain look-alikes, and personalize at scale.

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When traditional industry categories don't hit the mark

Vainu Custom Industry (VCI) is a machine learning-powered, proprietary industry classification system. It contains 900+ detailed industries, such as SaaS, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, and Circular Economy, and ensures industry-focused segmentation is powerful and efficient, letting you target specific industry verticals with a personalized approach–at scale.

Understand your Ideal Customer Profile like never before

Discover the industries your high-value customers operate in and focus on pursuing these segments, minimizing wasted effort by sales and marketing teams.

Prospect with an exact industry focus

Create targeted micro-segments to focus your sales efforts on the right companies and customize your sales approach efficiently without being too generic.

Break down the Transport industry into Water Transport, Air Transport, Land Transport, Postal, and Couriersub-categories – the possibilities are endless.

More than 1100 organizations are choosing Vainu to close more business

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“For us to be effective in sales and marketing, the ability to identify and target SaaS companies is crucial. However, reliably finding SaaS companies isn’t easy to do at scale. Or, it wasn’t until we were introduced to Vainu Custom Industry (VCI) data, which helped us find thousands of new, relevant companies for our sales representatives to contact.”

Kaveh Rostampor

CEO at Planhat
“We use Vainu API to enrich our own database with Vainu Custom Industries and confidence scores. This helps us to build highly accurate and detailed customer segments for further analysis.”

Juuso Happonen

Senior Data Analyst at Tesi
“Vainu has made us see the value of unique data points that help us be more relevant than our competitors. We already know how we add value for our customers, but the timing has been a hard nut to crack–that's where Vainu comes in and gives us good prospects to contact at the right time.”

Björn Tideman

Head of Commercial Excellence at Telavox

Find the next-best candidates for your ABM campaigns

Sell effectively to particular industry verticals and apply a one-to-few approach.

Expand your ABM target groups with domain look-alikes and add more companies to your campaigns in detailed micro-segments.

Optimize lead qualification and route the best leads to sales

Enrich leads with exact industry information to effectively score, disqualify, prioritize, and route the most potential leads to your sales team members based on their industry expertise.

Execute hyper-personalized marketing–at scale

Add Vainu Custom Industry segmentation criteria to your campaigns for better-targeted messaging.

Nurture leads with different levels of urgency, customize follow-ups, offers, pricing, packages, and more.

Access real-time company data across your entire tech stack with Vainu's CRM Connectors, APIs, and webhooks

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