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How Website Insights Can Help Grow Your Pipeline

When it comes to growing their pipeline, salespeople will generally invest most of their time in prospecting. And, in an effort to prospect successfully, those salespeople will generally be looking for something specific, targeting companies based on certain characteristics.

In our experience as a company data provider that has helped hundreds of sales organizations find more and better leads, we’ve found that there are three company characteristics that pretty much every salesperson will refer to when describing what they’re looking at when prospecting. They probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but those company characteristics are:

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company size

Now, there’s nothing wrong with these data points—they’re tried and tested data points. That said, their popularity isn’t necessarily only due to them being meaningful characteristics to focus on. It may also in part be because they have been the most readily available data points historically. The reason for their widespread availability is that many countries have a local authority that collects this sort of basic company information when a company is registered.

How to create better LinkedIn Matched Audiences with Vainu data

LinkedIn is an incredibly popular—and powerful—tool for B2B sales and marketing initiatives, and their Matched Audiences presents a unique way for you to target a specific audience with your LinkedIn ads by, for example, uploading a list of accounts. LinkedIn will then match the accounts in your list to their database, and you’ll start delivering impressions to your target audience. Cool, right?

The only thing that could potentially be a problem in this otherwise simple process is getting your hands on a list of accounts that is appropriately segmented and allows for effective personalization of your LinkedIn advertising. Luckily, Vainu can help with that.

How to Use Website Traffic to Find Your Best Customers

The most visited websites in the world are—of course—well-known websites for most of us. In the Top 10, we find websites such as Google, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, and Baidu. No surprises there.

Comparatively, the Top 10 most visited websites in specific categories such as SaaS, FinTech, E-Learning, and Cryptocurrency, or the most common CMS, Analytics, and E-Commerce technologies used by the world’s most popular websites are probably less well known for most of us. However, that needn't be the case. This kind of specific information doesn’t have to be less well-known or harder to get a hold of.

In fact, we’ve recently added data concerning the 7 million most visited websites in the world to our company database, which makes it easy to get a hold of this kind of detailed website information. This dataset, combined with our proprietary industry data, allows for the effective analysis of website popularity across many different sectors. Let’s take a look.

How to Find SaaS Companies: Free List of 1,000 Nordic SaaS Companies

How many SaaS companies are there in the world? How about in the Nordic countries? And how many of them focus on sales and marketing technology? And how about HR tech, AgriTech, or LegalTech?

Standard industry classification systems, such as SIC and NAICS, couldn’t give us an answer to these questions, so we did the only rational thing one can do in that situation: We built our own industry classification taxonomy. We wanted a system that was able to segment and analyze companies on a granular level, and we’ve got just that with Vainu Custom Industry.

So, how many SaaS companies are there in the world?

Industry Data: What It Is and How It Can Help You Find New Customers

Not all businesses are the same. This simple statement isn't especially controversial, yet it's surprisingly powerful. The statement implies that, since not all businesses are the same, they should not be treated as if they are, which provides support for the practice of market segmentation. In a nutshell, market segmentation allows you to concentrate your resources on the potential customers that are the most likely to be interested in your offering. An essential component of most B2B segmentation processes is identifying the organizational characteristics that make your offering more valuable to company A than company B. One of the most powerful and most frequently used forms of organizational characteristics in B2B segmentation is industry.

Technology Data: What It Is and How It Can Help You Find New Customers

The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts that the yearly global spending on digital transformation will reach $2.8 trillion in 2025. For the uninitiated, digital transformation refers to the adoption of digital technologies by a company, and it is generally pursued in the hope that these newly-adopted digital technologies will provide efficiency gains and customer intimacy.

The aforementioned statistic clearly highlights that the demand for digital technologies that improve existing business processes is, to say the least, significant. The growing demand for digital technologies presents an unprecedented opportunity for companies that are able to provide products or services that help businesses achieve these digital transformations.

Of course, life is never completely without its challenges, and a difficulty for providers of such products or services lies in identifying companies that use, or don’t use, certain digital technologies. Fortunately, there is something that can help such companies overcome such a challenge: Technology data.

Better together: Enrich your Pipedrive experience with Vainu's real-time company data

Despite being one amongst dozens of available CRM solutions, Pipedrive has managed to amass 50,000 paying customers spread across more than 140 countries. Whether that success is due to Pipedrive having almost 100 integration partners, their app being available in 14 languages, or one of the many other features that they provide is unclear, but what is clear is that Pipedrive helps salespeople close more deals.

Better together: Enrich your HubSpot experience with Vainu's real-time company data

In the case of HubSpot, the numbers speak for themselves. In 2021, less than 15 years after their founding, HubSpot announced that their CRM platform had surpassed 100,000 paying users and that they had reached more than $1 billion in annual recurring revenue. Considering HubSpot’s platform offers more than 600 integrations, a solutions partner network, and hundreds of Academy courses, the source of their success is clear: HubSpot helps companies grow better.

Better together: Enrich your Dynamics experience with Vainu's real-time company data

Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has grown to become a household name, offering an array of software products for computing devices, including its CRM solution, Dynamics 365 CRM, that was released in 2016. With its practical functionality, flexibility, and customizability, Dynamics 365 quickly became one of the top CRM vendors in the market and has helped thousands of customers gain control of their sales process.

11 Types of Sales Tools You Must Know in 2022

Succeeding in sales in the 21st century is not an easy job. In addition to needing empathy, grit, and drive, you also need to know your potential and existing customers intimately to be relevant at every touchpoint.

Sales professionals who leverage sales technology outperform their peers. In this article, we'll introduce you to the eleven sales software categories that we think are the most important for you to be acquainted with.

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