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Company Location Founded
Nordic Semiconductor ASA Flag
Wholesale and retail trade (G)
Trondheim 1995
Valamis Group Oy Flag
Information and communication (J)
Joensuu 2003
Information and communication (J)
Maidenhead 1992
Klarna Holding AB Flag
Financial and industry activities (K)
Stockholm 2005

Data with the level of detail required for strategic sales and marketing

Company profile Industry Location Financials
Technologies Website Social media Financial development
Employee changes Operational changes Marketing changes Negative changes
Technology changes Group structure Vehicles CRM data

GDPR-compliant business data on 29M+ European companies

Vainu collects raw data from millions of public and private sources and unifies it to provide company information that is in-depth, reliable and actionable. Vainu also provides the latest news on companies and identifies the ones likely to become your customers.

Seamless connections for automation and strategic actions

Vainu connects with the tools used by sales and marketing teams and automates the tasks they do manually. It also enables them to be more strategic and get better results by providing the right data in the right place.

Aligns every part of your process with strategy

With the right company information powering the entire business, increase conversions and close more business.
Data updates Data Updates
Company search Company Search
Company views Company Views
Workflow triggers Workflow Triggers

Build a data foundation

Enrich your records with complete company information. Use this as a base for sophisticated lead scoring, strategy and more.
Update company records in your CRM automatically

Find best-fit prospects

Search for best-fit prospects quickly and visually using 100+ company filters.
Build lists of ideal prospects for sales or ABM

See everything at a glance

View complete information and the latest news about the company you want to approach in the tool you use daily.
Get an embedded view of company information in your CRM

Set campaigns on autopilot

Automate sales and marketing actions based on relevant changes as they happen.
Automate campaigns based on relevant company changes

Built for those looking to exceed revenue goals

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Keep your pipeline full with ideal prospects. Monitor target accounts for sales opportunities. Save time and energy by avoiding manual data entry.
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Enrich leads with detailed company information. Avoid lengthy forms and improve lead scoring models. Build lists of ideal accounts for any marketing campaign.
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Align all departments around one source of reliable company information. Receive updates in real time to tackle any custom project.

By enriching the company profiles directly in our CRM, we are now able to put real-time information directly in the hands of the salesperson. Vainu helps us prioritize our activities and to be more productive.

Christer Wredemark
SMB Sales Manager
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