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We believe in being helpful and relevant, and that business can be a positive-sum game. Through a partnership, we can help you bring more value to your clients.

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Help your clients get more out of their CRM investment 

“Partnering with Vainu gives us the opportunity to help our customers enrich their CRM data to secure better lead scoring, ICP management and eventually to spend their time working on the best fit leads for their products and services.”

Lotte Nedergaard Lauridsen

Helion B2B
“Working with Vainu is great. I have a dedicated contact person at Vainu whom I frequently talk with. Fast response time to questions and other needs, and we work together during the whole sales process.”

Torbjörn Johansson

CEO & Founder
"After comparing several company data vendors, we chose Vainu because it felt more premium, and the tech side more profound. We always want to work with the best partners and the best tools."

Pernilla Chis

Sales and Marketing Manager in CRM & Ecommerce at Exsitec

By partnering with Vainu, you gain the following:

  • A competitive advantage in tender processes by offering a more complete and integrated solution than other consultants.

  • The ability to conduct value-adding services for your clients based on Vainu data. Examples of potential services include:
    • Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) identification
    • Lead generation and lead scoring workflows
    • Account management models for each segment
    • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns
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We help you by offering the following:

  • Ready-made integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics, and Pipedrive
  • Prebuilt interfaces, such as our Vainu View functionality for Salesforce and Dynamics
  • A robust API that supports you in building custom solutions on top of Vainu
  • A playbook that outlines how to implement Vainu
  • Technical support if you run into any issues during implementation
  • To carry out customer acquisition and co-selling with you


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