Improve Your Sales Prospecting by Understanding Technographics

You can only reach out to so many prospects per day. If you fail at sales prospecting, and pick the wrong ones, you’re going to be wasting your time on leads that won’t benefit you or your company.

Having the right data-points give your sales team the ability to do data-driven decisions and increase its hit rate through the whole sales process.

What data you should focus on depends on what you’re selling and how you’ve structured your sales organization. However, there are two big, universal data categories that will help every sales organization draw better company-level insights:

  • Firmographics – company, size, vertical, location, number of employees, etc.
  • Technographics – technologies in use, digitalization level, how the website is build, etc.

For companies selling technical solutions, technographic data points provide more valuable knowledge about how their customers and prospects work and what challenges might keep them up at night. Still, too many sales professionals at technology companies rely heavily on firmographic data to identify sales targets.


Focus on highly digitalized companies

We at Vainu have created digital indexes for our prospects to evaluate a company’s general level of tech-savviness – these can be equally used to filter through to a specific industry’s digital leaders or not-so-digitally-oriented prospects. If you’re selling a digitally advanced tool, you can target the companies that most likely are ready to take on your solution. If you believe your tool is a better fit for companies still in the early phase of digitalization, you can easily find them as well.

find highly digitalized companies

Target companies using a specific technology

Does your piece of software integrate well with Salesforce? Or do you offer web design services for websites build on WordPress or any other specific CMS? Or do you stack up favorably against a certain competitor? Don’t fly blind, use Vainu’s technology filter to find only the companies using a specific technology to target the accounts that can benefit the most from your offer.

Fin companies using a certain technology

Filter through companies by weeding the bad ones out

Offering an online chat tool? While your product probably has advantages over competition, it's sometimes easier for your team to sell to a company that’s not already bound to a subscription with one of your competitors. Find the companies that don’t currently use any popular chat tool or other specific software using Vainu’s negative search function.

Exclude companies using a specific technology

BONUS TIP: Get notified when the right timing occurs

With Vainu’s notification functionalities, we'll let you know whenever a company makes any changes related to one of our filters. Track whenever one of your target companies make a change in their tech stack and tailor your marketing and sales messages accordingly.

Get notified when a company make changes in it's tech stack

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Improve Your Sales Prospecting by Understanding Technographics Erika Granath

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