4 Ways to Leverage Online Data and Become a Sales Wizard

Technology is eating the world. To not be on the menu next, modern B2B sales professionals have to find innovative ways to capitalize on all of the company data at their fingertips these days.

According to a report from IBM Marketing Cloud, 90% of data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, at 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day! Vainu’s mission is to read everything ever written about every company in the world to collect myriads of data points on every company there is – and make this information easily accessible for our users in a user-friendly interface.

Knowledge is power. Thanks to the world's exponentially growing amount of open data and our smart web indexing technology that scrapes millions of sources every day, Vainu's users can become omnipotent sales wizards, improving the quality of their prospecting, sales and customer service through better account understanding.

How data turns you into a sales wizard

Leverage data to focus on the right accounts

You’ve got access to tons of information on every company in the world than – so why do searches into static company lists? In that scenario, you usually only have very general data, such as revenue size, number of employees or location to categorize companies based on.

With online data, you can find up-to-date information about a company’s tech stack, social media presence, key themes on the website and the latest buying signals. A dynamic company database like Vainu allows you to filter companies based on both their firmographics and the insights from open data, to do detailed searches and find the companies that match your ideal customer profile to a T.

Carry out smarter conversations with your prospects

People buy from people they trust. With access to a large number of data points on the companies you reach out to, you can tailor your sales messages after their unique characteristics and current situation. This lead to credibility and trust, which leads to more deals.

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Reach out with better timing

If you’re selling sandwiches and offer one to a man that just had a three course meal and one to a guy who had to skip lunch because of a hectic work-day, who do you think is most likely to buy?

Through a sales lead generation tool like Vainu, you'll find the buying signals most relevant for you and reach out to companies matching your ideal customer profile when a window of opportunity just opened up. Get notified when a company e.g. hires a new executive, moves to a new office, launches a new product or closes a successful funding round.

If you were to manually scan social media, news outlets and company websites for the same information, you'd need to hire an army for it.

Get notified when a company goes through an important organizational changef

Vainu users can now get notified whenever a new company matches any criteria of their interest.

Increase your average customer value

Reaching out to the right companies at the right time will allow you to increase your conversion hit rate between every step of the sales process. By tailoring your value proposition according to the characteristics of your prospect and their current headache, you’ll be able to improve your closing rate and average deal size, and shorten your sales cycle. Many studies have shown that customers don’t really care about raising prices, as long as you’re delivering what they are looking for, when they need it.

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