STOP Scanning Job Boards For Leads! There's A Better Way

Challenge: Staffing firms, recruitment agencies and other companies are looking for companies increasing their head count.

Today: People manually go through LinkedIn, job boards and possibly even career pages of potential companies one by one.

The effective way: Automate the grunt work by using an intelligent aggregator that sifts through millions of data sources to find the leads relevant for your case.

Vainu’s web indexing technology aggregates information on every registered company from millions of websites every single day. Below are four examples of prospecting automation that Vainu provides when looking for recruitments.

4 Ways to Find Companies Recruiting

1. Automate the Job Board Scanning

The bare minimum of prospecting is to follow job boards and look for companies recruiting to specific roles or with certain keywords relevant to you. Save time by using an aggregator like Vainu to go through all the job boards with one simple search.

automate the job board scanning

2. Follow Changes on Company Career Pages

Don’t stop at job boards — go through company career pages as well. Instead of setting up alerts for each site, a tool like Vainu will again automate the process and let you filter through the ads in one place.

insights from career pages

3. Identify the Right Timing through Growth Signals

If a company opens up a new office, appoints a new VP or receives a round of funding, odds are they’re recruiting soon. By getting notified exactly when these sales-relevant changes happen, you’ll make sure you don’t miss an easy sale.

growth signals

4. Be ahead of the curve with predictive analytics

Based on the trajectory of a company, Vainu can use historic data combined with predictive analytics to identify companies most likely to have future recruitment needs. Get notified when a company’s track record suggests they’re about to go on a recruitment spree!

predictive analytics

Topics: Sales Prospecting, Vertical Industries

Mikko Luhtava

Mikko is Head of Communications at Vainu, interested in brand communication, football and New England Patriots.