How Staffing Companies Should Be Prospecting to Win More Business

Look, generating lists of prospects fitting your target industry, company size and title is easy. But calling blindly through prospect lists with a generic pitch just doesn’t cut the mustard in a crowded space like recruitment and staffing. In those first five seconds of a cold call or first three lines of an email, you’ll have to win that prospect over with a well-informed argument no other sales rep came up with.

You need sales intelligence.

Instead of the traditional approach, try having smarter conversations with your prospects by reacting to buying signals that they’re actually looking to hire new people. Here are 7 tried-and-tested examples of buying signals you should react to right away in order to win more business.

7 Buying Signals for Calling a Prospect Now

1. New Executives

A new executive (VP or CxO) is usually hired to make an instant impact, a change for the better. This expectation comes along with a budget and an examination of current staff and identification of needs for the future.

While LinkedIn is great for noticing job changes with execs you follow, make sure you automate notifications on every appointment within your accounts using a smart tool like Vainu.

Sales Trigger Hiring a New Executive

2. Opening Up a New Office or Branch

A new office equals new people. Use your knowledge of the account’s current staff count to predict how many people they’ll be adding on and suggest how you could be of assistance.

While companies may actively promote their new branches, a new office location in San Francisco will also pop up in a public database provided by the city.

Sales Trigger Opening a New Branch

3. Market Entry

Not only does entering a new market require new hires, but the company will also lack the network and skills to identify quality employees outside their home market. Be the one to provide that local expertise.

Follow all relevant recruitment sites as well as companies’ own career pages to identify positions in new markets. If that sounds like too much work, smart prospecting tools will identify those companies for you.

Sales Trigger Market Entry

4. Funding Announcements

Raising a big round will typically mean a plan to scale quickly, which will often be hard to do with current staff. If this news mentions what the growth plan is, make sure to focus your pitch on how you will help with the goals.

Sales Trigger Funding

5. Big Contracts or Partnerships

You’d be surprised how often companies will post about landing big-name clients. And when this happens, odds are that deal will require some special attention and extra pairs of hands. React quickly and make sure you’re the one satisfying those sudden needs over your competition.

Sales Trigger Contracts and Partnerships

6. Swings in Hiring Volume

When you know the base level of hiring at a prospect’s company, you’ll be able to identify sudden changes in the hiring volume. This will tell you a lot about what is going on in the organization and when to be in touch.

Before reaching out however, make sure to understand why the sudden change has happened and tailor your pitch according to the prospect’s goals.

7. Mergers or Acquisitions

IT staffing heaven. Imagine all the internal systems being combined and the modifications made to product and service offerings, all the areas of expertise missing within the new company. Make sure you’ve automated the process of identifying these within your accounts and jump on any changes linked to this buying signal.

Sales Trigger Merger or Acquisition

In fact, you can find all these signals as well as companies matching you Ideal Customer Profile in Vainu and get notifications when any of your prospects goes through a change that can open up a window of opportunity for you. Fill in the form below and get full access to the above-mentioned searches and find out how much more sales you will make when prospecting with open data!

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