Upcoming Updates in Vainu's Dutch Database

We've great news for all Vainu users in the Netherlands! Over the upcoming weeks, we will be enriching the Dutch database with multiple new data points. Furthermore, the users of the Dutch database will see the quality of some of the existing data points increase. Let's dive into the latest additions!

Financial data

Going forward, the Dutch database will have more accurate financial data: Company turnover, staff number, as well as turnover and staff number estimates, are at present updated. The estimated values are calculated based on companies in the same industry, that have provided actual data of their turnover and staff number.

To dig deeper into the financial situation of a company, navigate into the Company profile's Financials section.


Group structure data

The problem of identifying group structures that are often very complex is not trivial. Such data is virtually impossible to analyze manually, very laborious to find, and difficult to keep updated. A lack of group structure information is a challenge that many people have encountered when prospecting. Going forward, we will generate more accurate group structures by collecting myriads of data points about companies and by turning unstructured data into actionable company information.

With the group structure information at hand, you can target for, e.g., companies that operate worldwide, companies that have a headquarter in the Netherlands, or you can filter the companies based on the countries where they operate. Check out the Parent/Subsidiary filter under the Group structure filter category.


More detailed branch data

We are continuously adding even more branch office data to Vainu. Branches will receive turnover, staff numbers, and estimates for these fields if the data is available. You can find branch offices in the Locations section on the Company profiles.


So, how to find companies with more than one office? You can use, for example, the Number of addresses filter in the Company profile filter category.


Contact data

We are continuously adding contact data to the Dutch database with the following titles: 'Financieel directeur', 'Hoofd personeelszaken', 'Hoofd verkoop', 'Financieel directrice', 'Hoofd automatisering', 'Algemeen directrice', 'Beheerder wagenpark', 'Facilitair manager', 'Hoofd marketing', 'Algemeen directeur/directrice', 'Financieel directeur/directrice', 'Algemeen directeur', 'Hoofd inkoop'.

Updates not yet visible in the Vainu UI:

Importer & Exporter

Targeting companies that are in export or import business? Very soon, prospecting will become substantially more straightforward, as you can find this information in Vainu.

Home office

Dutch companies in Vainu will also have a data point telling if the company is most likely being operated from an address that is located in a residential building. If you think you should have bigger fishes to fry, this helps you to avoid spending time on the smaller businesses – or vice versa, if you're targeting small businesses and entrepreneurs, for example.

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