Vainu Developer Hub: All-in-one portal for building with our API

Vainu's very-first Developer Hub makes Vainu's proprietary data available through the API. It ensures that all organizations have the opportunity to implement company data into the systems they're working with. The hub is designed for SalesOps leaders, CRM vendors, data scientists, developers, and partners—anyone looking to access our company data to discover and sort the best-fit companies, build integrations, applications, or even more complex solutions.

Vainu's Developer Hub also includes top use cases and an App Showcase section that lists close to 20 pre-built solutions for getting Vainu insights directly to world-class CRMs. Let's dig in and see what the hub is all about!


We've been renowned for our prospecting solution, which we continue to develop at this very moment. However, the launch of our Developer Hub is part of a bigger picture, strengthening the direction we're heading: Vainu's transformation from a single app prospecting solution into a suite of solutions targeting mid-sized and enterprise customers. From now on, we'll have an API-first philosophy, which means that the API is the first place to get your hands on new datasets.

Vainu Developer Hub is developers' go-to place with the latest resources, samples, use cases, and ready-made solutions to apply to a variety of use cases.

What is Vainu Developer Hub?

The Developer Hub is more than a collection of documents of the inner workings of our API. Vainu Developer Hub is developers' go-to place with the latest resources, samples, use cases, and ready-made solutions to apply to a variety of use cases. The opportunities for using Vainu's data are virtually endless, but the guides in the hub make the first steps a doddle.

We've been building value-adding solutions for sales, sales ops, marketing, customer management, and customer service teams in B2B business for quite some time, and around 20 ready-made solutions visible in the App Showcase section are good examples of the fruits of this labor.Vainu App Showcase

We're continuously developing our hub to include more use cases and workflows. Here's what you can expect to find in the Vainu Developer Hub already now:

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Use cases for the Vainu API

As said earlier, the opportunities for harnessing Vainu's data are virtually endless. To give you something to chew on right now, here are three common use cases for Vainu data.

Tracking important company-level changes

Do you know when your existing client or target account appoints a new CEO, raises a round of funding or announces international growth plans? These events often open up a window of opportunity for salespeople to take action. Vainu helps to discover these moments. Trigger events allow teams to track any change in any company, customize the context and send it to the desired destination. Sales reps can get notified about relevant changes, e.g., in their CRM accounts as they happen when Trigger events are plugged into the CRM platform using our Connectors or the API.

Case: Telavox

Telavox enterprise sales team needed to better understand their largest accounts. The solution was a tailored API integration that notifies salespeople directly in the CRM system when relevant company changes occur.

"Vainu has made us see the value of unique data points that help us be more relevant than our competitors. We already know how we add value for our customers, but the timing has been a hard nut to crack–that's where Vainu comes in and gives us good prospects to contact at the right time."

–Björn Tideman, Head of Commercial Excellence at Telavox


>> Read more about the case.

Better company descriptions in the CRM

Most companies in the Vainu database have a company description published by themselves. Usually, these descriptions are relevant in describing what the company does. Through the Vainu API or our ready-made iframe solution, Vainu company view, companies can display this information across their internal systems. Company descriptions combined with other content or data points, such as Vainu Custom Industry, give even more accurate insights for sales and customer service teams.

"Thanks to Vainu's embedded company profiles, our meeting bookers have cut down the time it takes to prospect companies by around 50 percent. The front-end experience and integrations that Vainu offers have been a strong contributor to our simplified sales processes."

–Elisabeth Norberg, Business Analyst at Telavox


"We use Vainu API to create information-rich company profiles. It's an easy-to-use and modern API."

–Ville Heimonen, Lead Developer at Oikotie Työpaikat


Bring company data to PowerBI, Tableau, Quicksight, Qlik, and similar platforms

Enrich your current BI system with up-to-date company data. Most BI platforms accept data entries in JSON and CSV formats. Vainu API returns the data in JSON format, thus the results can easily be converted into CSV files.

"We use Vainu API to enrich our own database with Vainu Custom Industries and confidence scores. It helps us to build highly accurate and detailed customer segments for further analysis."

–Juuso Happonen, Senior Data Analyst at Tesi


Get access to millions of companies

Vainu collects raw data from millions of public and private sources and unifies it to provide reliable and actionable company information in real time. With Vainu's API, anyone can access these companies with 300+ data fields, and filter and sort them according to one's needs.

Vainu API consists of two parts; Data API and Integration API. The Data API is designed for getting company data out from Vainu databases by using various filters and searches. The Integration API is for building integrations, applications, or other more complex solutions. Both APIs work in parallel.

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